Me, too--

Hey Molly-- thanks for the head's up...otherwise I'd have never known. Now, who is going to start the naked James Marsters club?

I'd give anything to have those...ah...cheekbones.

BTW, there's still time to catch Molly's interview at Marta Acosta's blog here.


OMG I looove him! Everybody was all over Angel on uffy, but I was like forget angel! I want Spike!!
Karen W. said…
I'm an Angel girl, but Spike was a great character, and Marsters did a fabulous job with him. I've met and spent a little tiime around James Marsters a couple times, and he's a very cool guy too! Very down-to-earth and amazingly gracious, patient, and warm with his fans.
Brenda Hyde said…
Yeah, that's it...Spike has great cheek bones:) I've been watching my Buffy DVDs lately. The season they get together. Geesh.

I think David B. just gets better with age. He has this smile that just melts well, my heart, among other things, when I watch Bones.
Anonymous said…
Um, could someone start the naked Megan Fox club, or Scarlett Johannson, or even naked BUFFY. You know, for us guys here.

Anonymous said…
Maybe we can start a sister chapter of the Naked James Marsters Club.

Homina, and if I might add, homina.
Jeanne Stein said…
Molly-- you left one out...

homina, homina, hoomina!!!
Jeanne Stein said…

Tom-- I don't know if this will work but try pasting this link-- the perfect pic for the naked Buffy membership card!

Anonymous said…
I didn't start watching Buffy when it came out. In fact, I got started because I was flipping through the channels and Spike was on and I went, 'ooooh, he's hot'. And continued watching. Then started watching the older ones to catch up because I started watching when she started college.

Nothing against Angel--but Spike was definitely more my type of addiction LOL
Tyhitia Green said…
Angel is my pick. I liked Spike's character, but didn't find him sexy. :-/ Angel (David) is it. :-D
kanishk said…
He has this smile that just melts well, my heart, among other things,

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Jeanne Stein said…
kanishk said...

He has this smile that just melts well, my heart, among other things.

That's what I'm sayin' :-)


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