Want to know how to make Jane's Mama's Pot Pies?

I mention chicken pot pies throughout the Jane Jameson series. Jane’s mother believes that if she gives her daughter enough of them, Jane will just forget about this silly blood-drinking thing and go back to a solid diet.

I received a few e-mails asking whether I have a good pot pie recipe. My mother-in-law gave me a great one, which I tweaked a bit because I am physically incapable of following a written recipe. (I once made a microwave spontaneously combust while baking a potato, I don't want to go into it.)

I keep a few of these in the freezer for those nights I don’t feel like cooking, but feel too guilty to feed my kids fast food. And since we’re heading into the colder weather, I thought I’d share it with you.

(makes two pot pies.)

4 frozen deep dish pie shells
2 pounds cooked, diced chicken
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of celery soup
1 can cream of onion soup
1 can of Veg-All, drained
1 cup shredded cheese
2 tbsp minced garlic
½ tsp dried thyme
½ tsp celery salt

Mix soups, veggies, chicken, cheese, garlic and spices in a large mixing bowl. Split the mixture evenly between two pie shells. Invert the remaining shells over them.

If you’re freezing the pie, leave the top pie pan on, and wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. To bake, work the top pie pan loose and let the crust collapse over the pie.

Bake a frozen pie at 350 for an hour covered in aluminum foil, then addition 30 minutes uncovered until the crust is golden. Bake a thawed pie at 350 for an hour uncovered.



Ellz said…
Mmmm, sounds good on a chilly day like today. thanks for the recipe.

Elie (Ellz Readz)
Sounds yummy! I made a variation on my mom's chicken pot pie this past summer, giving it a sweet potato crust, instead of a regular pie crust. It was delicious!

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