Happy Spring!

First off, an obligatory reminder that the critique auctions are still going on. Team Claw has currently pulled ahead of Team Fang (I suspect foul play), so make sure you get your bids in!

And now, the post!

I'm currently sitting here at my desk, watching the gorgeous sunshine out over my deck. The nice lady on the weather channel says it's supposed to be up to 75 today, and my first thought is, "Hey, I should go outside! To write!"

Hm. I'm not sure that going outside to SIT more is actually the point of this whole "it's beautiful, go outside" campaign they keep running on TV.

That's the hazard of being a writer, especially when that writing is also coupled with having a Real Job(tm). There's a lot of sitting involved. On the average weekday, I'm sitting at my computer for 16 hours of it. Not only is this bad for the waistline (really, my jeans just shrunk in the dryer), but it's hard on various other parts of you.

We all know about the joy that is carpal tunnel (I dual-wield wrist braces, very stylish) but even in a perfectly arranged ergonomic desk environment, other parts of you suffer as well. Your back, your shoulders, your neck, your hips. Parts of you that were simply not made for constant sitting.

I have a friend on Twitter who regularly announces "butt-breaks" while she's writing. She makes it a point to get up every so often and just move around a little. Go get tea, do some jumping jacks, stretch a little.

So, that's my springtime resolution. (New Year's resolutions are so passé) I do solemnly swear that I'm gonna get off my ass more, if even just for five minutes or so at a time. It might even progress up to walks around the block, and tag in the backyard.

Spring is here, let's move!


B.E. Sanderson said…
Sounds like a plan. I'm in. My ever-widening hiney thanks you. ;o)

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