Wonder Woman Wuss!

Today was the "big reveal" of Wonder Woman's costume for the upcoming TV series. Those of you who follow me on twitter might have seen me bitching about the look. Yes, the costume looks heinously uncomfortable and hot as hell, plus I worry for the poor girl's liver in that corset.

But what I want to know is, why the hell doesn't she have any muscle tone? I mean, she's supposed to be a superhero fer gossakes. At least let her look like an athlete!

But then there's MY Wonder Woman action figure:

She looks like she's ready to kick some ass! (And possibly crush heads with those thighs of hers!)

What do you all think? Are noodle-arms all right if the superhero is sexy enough? (Yes, I might have inserted a touch of bias into the question. :-D It's my blog post. So there!)


B.E. Sanderson said…
Noodle arms? On Wonder Woman? Come on, man. Isn't she supposed to be some kind of Amazonian ass-kicker for the gods*? She doesn't need to look like a lady body-builder, but she does need to look like she can open several cans of whoopin' on the bad guys. Sheesh.

(*Forgive me if my memory of WW sucks. It's been years since I read comics or watched the 70's version.)
Karen said…
I think they chose her for the boobs.

A female superhero should look athletic, not like they pose for the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.
Beth C. said…
Ugh. I think those arms would have trouble beating cookie batter. She's pretty, perhaps, but no superhero--unless she's going to smother them with her bosom.
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU, Diana!!!! You express exactly how I felt when I saw the photo release of this new Wonder Woman. The character had such potential to really be filled by an athletic woman who looks physically strong; athletic can be sexy too and I HATE this portrayal of WW - blech! Athletic woman can have boobs, too! She is pretty, but *I* could kick her scrappy ass.
Anonymous said…
I had a similar reaction upon seeing the photo. From the waist up I like the look of the costume, but the pants...ugh. Aesthetically, no thank you. And you're right, the whole get up looks impossible to kick ass while wearing.

As for the athletic tone? I too find it sadly lacking for a character that's supposed to have grown up learning various forms of combat with the other Amazons. But, from what I can tell from the series synopsis, the focus is going to be more on Diana Prince, struggling different identities, than on Wonder Woman saving the day, so maybe looking like a stiff wind could knock her over won't be as big a deal. *shrugs*

The more I learn about the upcoming series, the less I want to watch it.

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