Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit #11

CONGRATS TO OTTERDAUGHTER FOR WINNING THE CONTEST! Write to me at with your snail mail address and I'll get it shipped! Thanks everybody for entering!

Sorta/kinda cross posted from mah blog. There's a narrative and everything over there. Contest below!

Since I'm not all that great with reviews and tend to think, as a writer, that reviewing isn't really my place, I started a series of posts on my blog called Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit, wherein I basically share what I'm reading and maybe give a broad hint at why I like it (or why I'm looking forward to reading it). Incidentally, I also share what's in my fruit bowl.

I was particularly excited to read the three recent releases below, and perhaps the composition got a little risque in my attempts to convey emotion.

Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit #11
Now, I need to put in a disclaimer here. At no time during the composition of this masterpiece did I intend to imply that Sabina Kane deserves a thorough teabagging with a pair of citrusy balls. Nor do I wish to visually communicate that what The Wise Man Fears is actually a spotted yellow phallus. No, I am simply sharing my excessive joy over this particular trip to the bookstore.

I've already read The Wise Man's Fear, and I agree completely with Paul Goat Allen and what he says in his review. No spoilers or anything from me; if you haven't read Rothfuss yet, you must begin with The Name of the Wind.

I've been a fan of the Mercy Thompson books for a while now and of course I love what fellow Leaguer Jaye Wells is doing in her Sabina Kane series, so I have two more fabulous reads ahead of me. But I also have extra books to give away! See, I pre-ordered both The Wise Man's Fear and River Marked months ago and then completely forgot about it. So I went to buy them on release day, and then my pre-ordered copies arrived a few days later. Brilliant, eh? Rather than return them, I've decided to share the joy. I'm giving away my extra copy of River Marked to a lucky League blog reader who comments below! This will be U.S. only, and I'll run it until midnight of Thursday, March 10, with the winner announced March 11. If you'd like to win The Wise Man's Fear, head on over to my blog and leave another comment under my post there (the deadline for that one is March 9). If you're not sure what to comment on...why not share what you're reading until my book comes out on May 3? :)


Pamk said…
omg I looked at that pic on google and then did a double take and busted out laughing. Folks in my office just looked at my like I lost it. I didn't care that was funny. lol. I'd love to win your extra River Marked.
imnverted said…
Hubby loved the pic of the fruit, so know where his mind is lol.

I would love to win River Marked. Love Mercy and the gang.
Blodeuedd said…
Can't win since I am not from the US. But LOL, that is some banana
otterdaughter said…
You sure know how to catch a gal's attention! I'd love to get a copy of River Marked from ya, thanks.
Anonymous said…
OOOH! I'd love to win Rivermarked! Thanks for the giveaway!
I love that you covered your bases by buying one and pre-ordering one. Well, that's the positive way I see it.
Dawn said…
I love the picture, very funny. I have to recommend everyone read the Sabina Kane books, they are excellent and Green Eyed Demon is the best in the series so far.

Please sign me up for the contest. I would love to win. Thank you for the giveaway.
Anonymous said…
I would love to win a copy of River Marked!
Anonymous said…
I pre-ordered a copy of a great upcoming book, then won a copy...Hmmm maybe I'll start a lil givaway...I bet you have fun doing it.
Vicki S said…
A copy of River Marked? Sign me up! Good to know these "mistakes" won't go to waste ;D
Barbara E. said…
I love your Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit #11, very nice. I'd love a copy of River Marked, so please count me in.
Samantha Hensch said…
Nice fruit pic! Almost educational, really.

I'd love River Marked - I'm listening to it now (just started!) and would like a paper copy too :)
stephanie said…
Love the picture! I'm a big fan of the mercy thompson and sabina kane series! Thanks for the giveaway.
eloisa said…
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