League auctions and viral videos

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am currently in what writers affectionately call "deadline hell." I have a book due in four days and am working very hard to meet that deadline, which means I'm a hermit in a bathrobe who isn't going anywhere except for twitter. And no, it's not as glamorous as it sounds.

Anyway, thought I'd post a couple links and a video today here at the League.

After the devastation in Japan, two groups of League members have generously put together a couple eBay auctions to benefit the recovery effort. If you're looking for a group analysis of your work in progress and would like 100% of the final sale price will to go to the American Red Cross.

Team Fang is Mario Acevedo, Dakota Cassidy, Stacia Kane, JF Lewis, Nicole Peeler, KA Stewart, and Anton Strout.

Team Claw is Sonya Bateman, Michele Bardsley, Carolyn Crane, Kevin Hearne, Jackie Kessler, Diana Rowland, and Jeanne Stein.

Richelle Mead also has a bunch of auctions up featuring signed copies of hers and other fabulous authors' books.

Please see the individual auctions for more details about what is included.

Or you can donate directly to the Red Cross if you'd like to help out -- go to www.RedCross.com or www.RedCross.ca. Every dollar is appreciated!


Okay! Now that I've done the important stuff, I want to share this video with you -- in case you haven't already seen it. It's the latest viral video on YouTube and the singer, Rebecca Black, has been a trending topic on Twitter for a few days now and an interesting experiment in whether or not bad publicity will turn out to be good publicity.

I honestly thought it was a parody or a satire of pop music being brainless and insipid dreck, but guess what? It's (allegedly) totally legit. This comes from a company where rich people can get music videos made for their kids. It's slick, Disney-channel pretty, and one of the worst songs ever! EVER!



D.C. Edwards said…
Oh. My. God. That really IS the worst song ever! The girl is adorable, and the video is well done, but the song!!! Wow.

Okay, moving on. Thumbs up for the charity auctions!

Gotta go get FRI-YE-DAY out of my head :)
Teril said…
oh gawd my tween showed that video to me and I swear it made the neighborhood dogs howl it was so awful.
This video is so adorable that I actually have tears in my eyes.
Song sucks, though.
Nicole Peeler said…
It's bizarrely riveting, and she IS adorable. She could be a selkie.
Anonymous said…
Thank GOD for Rebecca Black or I wouldn't know that Friday follows Thursday!!


To end on a positive note, I do find it adorable that 50% of the kids in the video have braces.
Karen said…
Is it me or did the kid driving the car look no more than twelve??!

OMG that was the worst song ever (well done video, tho) and since I have a unique ability to remember every word of every song I've ever heard, I have the feeling that I'm going to be singing 'friday, friday' for a while....ack.
Marie said…
I really can't help loving this song! It's just happy and innocent and carefree, and I can't resist that. I guess I'm not enough of a cynic. lol

Did anyone else instantly think of Robin Sparkles - Let's Go To the Mall (from How I Met Your Mother) when they saw this? It feels exactly like that!!!
With you being Canadian, Michelle, I thought you might've seen the similarities. ;D
Michelle Rowen said…
I haven't seen that one, Marie, but I'll look it up!

It's not so much that the song is bad, it's really ridiculously catchy, but the writing is so pedestrian and mindless that it's surprising no one said, hang on, let's write some better words for this. Then again, we wouldn't be discussing it if they had.

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