First off, I want to send Juliet Blackwell a HUGE hug for making the New York Times extended list with DEAD BOLT. I'm so excited for her, I could spit!

I hosted a hilarious contest with Juliet in which people could create titles/proposals for the as-yet-unknown genre of Erotic Cozies. The contest is over, but the entries are amazing.

In my own news, I'm happy to announce the creation of Denise Townsend, writer of Selkie paranormal erotic romance. If you like erotic romance and like my books, I think you'll like hers. We're tight. ;-)

Her first book is Ocean's Touch, and it'll be coming out digitally with Samhain December 27th. Click the cover for more information:

For a final treat, I'll leave you with a new band that's totally rocking my world. They're Icelandic, which is always fun. They're Of Monsters and Men, and here's their song Little Talks:

Enjoy and have a happy holiday!


Shannon said…
love me some accordion. thanks for the recommendation.
lizziedee said…
You can buy that song on iTunes now - had to get it. So beautiful!
Sharon Stogner said…
awesome cover ;) I won a copy of Dead Bolt recently and can't wait for it to come :)

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