Best wishes

We Leaguers are an industrious if pervy lot. And occasionally, one of us hits pay dirt.

In this case, a huge SHOUT OUT to Leaguer Cherie Priest, the High-Priestess of Steampunk who yesterday announced her movie deal of Boneshaker. Just three weeks ago she was in Denver signing at the Broadway Book Mall.

Soon, with luck and our tarnished blessings, she'll be in the position to greet us when we arrive at the gilded gates of her 1% estate, hats in hand, and she'll announce: "Release the hounds."

With the beginning of December comes the end of NaNoWriMo. How did you all do? I made my goal, which was to finish the first draft of a work in progress. A very ugly baby to be sure. But at least I have something to vivisect and reattach parts to. As much as we love NaNoWriMo, good intentions are not enough. They need your help, as in cashola. So dig out those spare coins rattling in your tattered pocket and send them here to keep the NaNoWriMo furnace stoked until 2012.


Brenda Hyde said…
I sucked rocks at NaMo this year, but oddly I was okay with that because I wrote a lot of freelance nonfiction AND I learned a lot about plotting which I think will be a really good thing for me.

I heard about Boneshaker. Man, that would be SO COOOOOLLLLL.
Mario Acevedo said…
Brenda: So cool is right. And learning is always a good thing. Seems I keep relearning the same thing all the time!
Bradwick said…
I saw that Boneshaker got a movie deal, that's fantastic!

I completed NaNo this year, although the actual story is far from over. Now is the time to make personal goals toward completing and then editing.

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