The Vampire Wars

Soooooo, my blog is short and sweet today. It was prompted by a picture I wish I could put up again, but have absolutely no clue how to add to this blog. All things tech confound me.

Anyway, on my Facebook page (maybe three weeks or so ago), I posted a pic of ze vampires Lestat and Louie from Interview With A Vampire. It had an effin’ funny caption. We laughed. We commented. We shared. We snarked.

Good times… Well, mostly.

There were a couple of people who got pretty passionate about their love of a particular vampire clan and a little angry with those of us who thought the pic was funny. There was much discussion. Much. Wow, was there discussion :)

Alas, that’s not what this blog is about. What struck me about that pic was the complete loyalty to a fictional group of people. It was steadfast, folks. And even if I don’t necessarily understand it, I certainly respect it. It’s what made the writer of said vampire clan richer than rich. It also renewed interest in vampires and opened a lot of doors for those of us that write them. That’s all good as far as I’m concerned.

Anyhoodles, the above situation was what made me ponder this question for today’s blog, that and my crazy Vampire Diaries marathon as of late. All that teenage angst makes me feel almost drama-free and far more superior than I should. :)

So tell me, who’s your favorite fictional vampire?


Dawn Montgomery said…
Vampire Hunter D, and all the Dhampir fiction out there (Blade, anyone?). I just love that they're trapped between worlds, hated by most, loved by few...makes for some heart-wrenching angst. :D
slappylilly said…
Hey your not old Dakota. And fave vamp thats a hard one. I like Gabriel in the Dark Wing series by Christina Henry. But fave thats just to hard of a question for this little old lady.
Robert C Roman said…
Always fun and interesting. seeing folks who are loyal to what is, in the end, the idea of a person. As for my favorite vampire, at the moment it's gotta be Susan from Dresden Files.
Anonymous said…
Tom Selleck!! He was Quigly back in the 1800's..then Magnum in the 80's..Now he's Police Commissioner Regan in the 2000's. Therefore: Vampire!! He's on TV, so that makes him fictional...Ergo: Tom Selleck = fictional Vampire!!
Dan Corbett said…
Weird...anyway, the humor should have told DC who it was..LOL
Hi Dakota! My favorite fictional vampire is Bones from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I'm usually a shapeshifter gal, but Bones knocked me right off my feet!
Colleen Conover said…
I have a few, Dakota :) I love Greg Statleon from your "Accidental", sexy, and funny - you can't go wrong there! I also like Edward from the "Twilight" BOOKS (not that there's anything wrong with Rob Pattinson, lol). Another vamp I like is from a TV show that was on quite a few years ago, "Forever Knight". I don't remember his first name but he helped a female coroner solve mysterious murders, being a "man of the night" and all :) I also realllllly like Matthew, a vampire from Deborah Harkness's book, "A Discovery of Witches". He is handsome, well educated, refined, and loves a good bottle of wine :)
Dakota Cassidy said…
Is that you, Tom? Following me around the Intrawebs? LOLLOL!

I have no particular fave--tho, that guy from the now defunct Moonlight was HAWT!
Anonymous said…
Poppin in to say hi...FINALL. Hope everyone's having a great Sinday :0)
bridgetw3 said…
My fave is Nina. I love her comfort with herself!
Okay, hummmm I have to say for fun vampires I love Nina, and Betsy. But for HAWTNESS I LOVE me some Black Dagger Brotherhood... sigh... Rhage, and Rhevenge ohhhh my yes I do LOVVE them so. Did I mention that they are hawt!~!

Anonymous said…
I'm loyal to no fictional character (Not even Jamie Fraser...which in some genres would be sacrilegious).

I'm a fictional slut and I'm OK with that. Exclusively vampires?

Let's see, Louis more than Lestat as a teen. Lestat got a bit weird so I moved on.

Never really felt it for Jean Claude or Edward Cullen. If tv shows count, Spike and Angel are yummy!

There have been countless others but my most memorable vamps are Eric Northman, Vampire Hunter D, Bones and Vlad, Ryu, and currently I'm obsessed with a few from the book "The Greyfriar".
kathy miller said…
Chick vamp: Nina. Dude vamp: Lothaire.
Karen said…
:D The character from Forever Night was Nick, I believe. Nick Night. heh

My favorite vampire? Oh boy. If we're talking books, it would have to be Dante Prejean from Adrian Phoenix's Maker series. Of course, he's more than a vampire.

If we're talking tv, I'd have to say Drucilla from Buffy (and Angel). She was creepy evil good.

I can't pick just one for movies. I'm fickle based on my mood. Today, I'd probably say Eben from 30 Days of Night (I loved the vampires in that movie *shivers*). He wasn't a vampire for long, but he made it count.

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