Merry Merry Blog Hop

I tend to fangirl myself pretty hard sometimes - this year I actually had a set of Christmas cards made up with my characters from A Brush of Darkness.

You can buy a set if you're so inclined...if not, I'm giving some away, along with a bunch of swag - including signed cover flats and bookmarks, trading cards and a stuffed hedgehog.

Yes, a hedgehog.


Because I own one. And they are awesome. And prickly.

And awesome.

However, I can't give away Tumbleweed, so a stuffed hedgehog it will have to be.

To enter for this fabulous little prize package, you will have to write hedgehog haiku, over at my official author site. (You can go there now, but I won't open for comments until the 16th. However, there are pictures of the swag...and a hedgehog in a sleigh, and that's worth a look-see, right?)

And this is all part of the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop, which includes a grand prize of a Nook, complete with a lovely bunch of pre-loaded books. (Including A Brush of Darkness)


Anonymous said…
Dear Santa,

Why is Allison Pang so much cooler than me? If you bring me my own unicorn, maybe that will even things out.


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