Title shmitle


Some people have trouble with titles, but I never do. I have two titles I use all the time, they are perfectly acceptable titles for most things, and they clearly identify the work in question, which is really what titles are suppose to do.

My favorite titles are Prologue and Chapter 1.

Unfortunately my lovely agent doesn't seem to like these titles, so I occasionally have to change them to something more… elaborate. And that process is usually so drawn out and painful that I prefer not to do it at all.

:pulls the list of titles:

Here is the evolution of my titles:

The Case of Lost Dog > Lost Dog > Title To Be Determined (this is when the dog got cut by Ace, which made the whole thing load and loads and loads better) > 20 titles, none of which worked out > Magic Bites.

Here is how it went for the Space Smut novella (available for you review at http://www.ilonaland.com/formality.html for free, must be 18 to read, it's a bit saucy)

Penis joke story > That thing about diplomats > Pigs in Spaaace > Smut in Spaaace > Billion Dollar Bride> Gordon, for crying out loud make me a title or I will strangle myself with my own hands > A Mere Formality

(It's good to have Gordon. He loves me. He makes spiffy titles.)

For Magic Burns, I made a poll and I asked people to make me titles on my live journal. How about them apples? You wanna read my booky? Maka me a title, peoplez. I personally recommend this method as it was the easiest list of titles I've ever produced.

So that's my secret.

(On a serious note, some titles simply occur to me, like Hunter Beware or In the Name of the Realm. But most times, I suffer and torture myself and then ask Gordon.)


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