It's Tuesday! It's Tuesday! And I'm supposed to blog. And I have nothing to blog about.

In fact, I can't even recall, at this moment, what my post on my own blog for tomorrow was supposed to be, but I'm sure it was charming. Darnit!

Should I tell you all we had an actual glimpse of spring today? I went outside and was comfortable without a coat, for the first time in, oh, two years? Since last year was a total bust as far as weather went.

Or I could mention that everyone is home from RT now, and they are all terribly smug over what a good time they had while I sat here and moped.

Hmm. I could tell the fun story of how my older daughter's end-of-term break is over, and she's back at school now, which is just fascinating I'm sure.

Oh, and my husband's ex-stepgrandmother died today, at something like 96. Which is sad, and he's sad about it. She was his stepgrandma throughout what is sometimes called The Formative Years, and his Mum is still very close to his ex-stepdad (and we see him fairly often too), so it's distressing for him, and he will be going to the funeral when it happens (we're not sure when.) It's very sad, and I do feel bad for the ex-stepdad and my MIL. But I am slightly amused, as I always am, to realize that this woman I've never met in my life or even seen a photo of is known to me--and referred to by me--only as "Nana Ex." (Well, not Ex, she was Nana MIL's Married Name, but of course I'm not saying what it was, but you get the point.)

They had The Devil Wears Prada on DVD at Tesco for £4, so I grabbed it. I've never seen it but I heard it was okay. Better than the book, at least, which I disliked for a number of reasons (chief among them being what a whiny, irresponsible crybaby the heroine was, and what a jerk her boyfriend was, and what a lazy drama queen her roommate was and how the heroine was supposed to put all of these people ahead of the job she was actually paid to do). But, as I said, I've heard the movie was better, and it was only £4, so we'll see. Now I just need some actual free time in which to watch it.

And that's it, basically. You see what an exciting life I lead, right? Aren't you glad I remembered to blog today? Don't you feel terrifically stimulated intellectually?


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