League Book Club Post #3: Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry

Whee! Tomorrow we'll start a spoiler thread!

Remember, we're supposed to be nice, even to a slavering man-whore like Mark. Remember, too, said slavering man-whore is giving away prizes.

So here's today's topic. Happy Hour has been dubbed "a zombie Sex and the City". Which is partially true, especially if you consider, for example, Carrie's first time with Berger, or the very funny episode where Charlotte marries Harry and Carrie sleeps with one of the groomsmen (sorry, but I thought that guy was freaking hilarious. "People...are a bitch." I digress.) Obviously there are differences--even the SATC girls can't come close to Amanda and Wendy for snarky, bitchy fashionista fun.

But in what ways is Happy Hour like chick lit? Is it chick lit for the next generation? And if (as I think) it's not enough like chick lit, what could Mark do if he actually set out to write some genuine chick lit? Should all chick lit books be rewritten in the style of Mark? (Geez, imagine Bridget Jones as written by him!)

How do Amanda and her friends compare to the SATC girls? Which of Amanda's friends is your favorite?


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