Help me figure this out!

Okay, I don't really feel like blogging about anything serious or thought-provoking today. In part because I have some research to do on crematory ovens (if anyone knows anything about them, let me know.) But mostly? Because today is my anniversary. I've been married for eight years today, which is pretty cool, I think, and puts me in a rather festive mood.

And speaking of the hubs, he is the impetus for today's post. Last night he sent me this link to the latest Lying in the Gutters column at Comic Book Resources. I've copied the relevent image below.

It's the cover for Marvel's new "Three Musketeers", from their Marvel Illustrated line. (You can click on the image to make it bigger, or follow the link to the column and click on the image there to get a full-size version.)

Columnist Rich Johnston suggests the image is in actuality Led Zeppelin. I disagree. The dark haired-guy on the right, with the bandolier, is definitely Jimmy Page. But that's clearly Lemmy behind him, and the one on the left, with the rounded hat, looks like George Harrison to me.

But who's the guy in the front??!

He looks familiar, yes he does; but I cannot for the life of me place him. Anybody know?

And also, I just squinted at the guy in the front and I swear he snarled at me when I did.

Help me out! Identify the guy! Disagree with any of my IDs? Tell me! (But seriously, that's Lemmy, y'all.)

(OH, and. According to the Juno Books blog, Personal Demons should be in stores any day. Thanks so much everyone for your patience.)


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