League Book Club Post #5: Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry SPOILERS!

Okay, it's our last day of the Happy Hour of the Damned Discussion! I know, parting is such sweet sorrow, isn't it?

Remember, Mark is giving away some secret zombie prizes and stuff--it's his little way of bribing you all to participate.

I'm torn between several topics today. I wanted to ask if you've ever known anyone like Amanda and if so, who. I wanted to ask which bar you'd be most likely to hang out in. I wondered which character you think deserves their own spin-off (although that ties along with who your favorite character is.)

But I think what I'm going to do instead is open the floor, thus giving you a platform and dropping Mark in the hole all in one fell swoop. Hahaha! I'm so efficient.

So, what do YOU want to discuss? Ask Mark a question! Comment on something else we didn't talk about! Complain! Anything you like!



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