Aloha, Dr. Peeler!

So right now I feel like I'm in some 80's college movie. It's the end of the semester, everyone is DONE, including me. We're all just waiting on finals and graduation and the sweet freedom of summer.

Which means that I don't have a very pithy blog post, today (not that I ever do), but I felt that I should say, "Hi." Not least because my own lack of anything interesting to say coincides with the fact that the League is a ghost town right now, what with everyone having scarpered to Romantic Times.

I've been following our Leaguers on Twitter, and can I just tell you HOW MUCH IT SUCKS I COULDN'T GO?

It really, really sucks. But next year, people, I. Am. There.

I'd also like to say how surprised I was by just how many people went. There were horror writers, mystery writers, literary writers. I wasn't surprised, at all, by the UF crossover, but it seems to me that pretty much everyone and their mother goes to RT, no matter what their genre. 

I wondered why, until, from the blog posts, pictures, and tweets, I put together a pretty clear picture that answered my question. The picture involves Ellora's Cave, chocolate, cover models (who, I've heard from a reliable source, all smell like baby oil), and copious amounts of booze. With a little Disney World thrown in, just to make everything UTTERLY BIZARRE.

So I am expecting some major League time devoted to the RT convention. I want to know everything. I want real pictures of boozey chocolate covered baby oil smelling cover models entering Ellora's Cave to go alongside my mental pictures. The promise of such images has been all that has sustained me while I graded 5,000 papers instead of cavorting, and now I want some real pictures.

And Kelly Meding and I, as the newbies, did briefly consider bringing down the league in a thunderous cacophony of chaos while the adults were gone, but we refrained.

OH, and I've done a couple of posts about a writing workshop I just did at LSUS, over at my site. They end up talking about Philip Roth, again. It's what I do.

And I get +5 points for using the word "enter" in a blog post. Thanks.


Dakota Cassidy said…
We soooooo missed you, honeybuns!

DC :)
booklover said…
I both want pictures, but at the same time I don't want them since I know that it is unlikely that I will get to RT anytime soon. Why? I simply cannot afford the money. My estimation is that just the plane tickets will be 2k. ( I am in Sweden)
-Kelly Meding said…
Nicole! You're not supposed to tell them we almost burned down the league! Now they'll never leave us alone to try again....

But I'll be right there with you next year. We can be RT virgins together. ;)
Nicole Peeler said…
Dakota: We'll just have to be EXTRA debauched at the W in Dallas to make up for it!


Booklover: Yeah, Sweden is a very far haul! But you should check prices, I've gotten some ridiculously cheap flights recently. If you plan really far ahead you might make it next year? It sounds WELL worth the trip. Just for the eau de babyoil, alone. :-)

Kelly: We will rock it next year, sistah!
Heather said…
I was stuck at home too. We should have just all planned a trip to the bar. :) Is RT in the same location every year?
Anonymous said…
MOM! They are spelling in front of me again. What is the "W in Dallas" anyway? Are y'all planning to crash one of Dubya's parties in Prestonwood/Highland Park? I'm in. I love getting tazered by the Secret Service.
Nicole Peeler said…
Heather: Next year I think it's in Cincinnati? Or did I make that up? I tend to make stuff up. But yeah, next time the p's are gone I'll totally throw a kegger. We'll play spin the bottle and smoke pot out of a coke can. Listen to 311 and we'll be COOL, man. Cool.

Tom: The W is a fancy schmancy hotel. I love them. My friend and I are staying in one, she's flying into Dallas from Edinburgh, then we're roadtripping. YAY! There will be no Republican former presidents involved, if I can help it, thanks.
-Kelly Meding said…
I think Columbus. But Ohio is way closer for me than Florida. And I have another web-friend who lives close by! An excuse to visit!
JD said…
I read Richelle Mead's post about RT and it sounded like a hoot!

And babyoil scented man candy.

I admire your restraint in not bringing down the League but a cacophony of chaos sounds like a lot of fun. And alliteration is always an awfully amusing activity.
Nicole Peeler said…
It's in some midwestern state, somewhere, at some point. ;-)

JD: Read Jaye's and Dakota's, too. They're both hi-larious. And thank you. I enjoyed yours right back.
alanajoli said…
Hey, speaking about Leaguers on twitter, do y'all feel like sharing your twitter IDs? I follow like half of you... :)
Nicole Peeler said…
Ever creative, I am NicolePeeler.

Follow me to the dark side. Or just listen to me whine about the FRICKING CATERING COMPANY THAT HAS ME ON HOLD.

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