Trailer for The Last Lullaby

Jeffrey Goodman's, The Last Lullaby, is about to be released and the trailer is up!  It looks FANTASTIC.  Granted, it'd be even better if Sizemore were a were-wolverine, or something, but I'm totally digging the trailer.  Not least because it's entirely set in Shreveport and the surrounding area.  Which is where I live!  Yay!  

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Nicole Peeler said…
DUDE, i think that bar is the Noble Savage!!!!!

Nicole Peeler said…
That bar is definitely the Savage. So basically you can see where I spend most Thursday nights. When I don't have night class. So where I spent, and will soon spend again, most of my Thursday nights.

YAY for the NOBLE SAVAGE!!!!!
Vickie said…
This looks so good!
Nicole Peeler said…
Doesn't it! Sizemore gives such good face. And I love that actress.
Anonymous said…
Yes, it is definitely Noble Savage, as I was an extra in the bar scene.

By the way, went to see the movie last night & it was great!! Recognized a lot of scenery!!

Kimberly Miller

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