My First Signing: A Summary

My first signing was fantastic! Thanks so much to everyone who came by and had such nice things to say about the book. And much appreciation to the staff at Barnes and Noble, who so kind and accomodating.

So here's what I've learned:

- When someone buys five copies of your book, one for every person in their department at work, sign it, "To my new best friend." Because that will set a good tone for the rest of the day.

- You're going to mispell someone's name. Apologize, profusely when you do it and try to move on. Side note: Lilli- I am really sorry I misspelled your name... even after you told me how to spell it. I was really nervous.

-Don't let your four-year-old "borrow" your Sharpie because seeing you sign books will inspire her. (Before I realized what she was doing, she'd autographed two Curious George books.) She won't be coming to the next signing.

-It's cool when your family members show up to get their books signed, it's even cooler when a complete stranger walks up and says, "I wish I'd known you were going to be here! I read your book and loved it." This leads to:

-You sign anything those strangers put in front of you, because they're awesome.

In an unrelated note, I also learned the two most evil words in the English language are "piano bar." Thanks to my 80's music-loving new friends (you know who you are) for making the post-signing evening so memorable and enjoyable.

I will be doing some sort of event every weekend for the next three weeks. My next stop is the SOKY Book Fest, April 18, at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green, Ky.

For more information on the Bookfest, click here.


Falcata Times said…
Congrats on the success Molly, must get own book finished so I can go on tour. LOL
Vickie said…
Glad it went so wonderfully. Thanks for the *grin* of the mental image of your 4 year old autographing, too. Mine would do the same, monkey see...monkey do....

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