Cutting People in Half

I admit it. I've been a fan of well-executed slasher movies (that's a pun, not an oxymoron, I swear) since I was a goofy-looking teenager hoping that I might get a brief glimpse of womanly parts in those very same movies, but I haven't watched many of them lately. Of ocurse, I enjoyed SAW, but I haven't taken to the time to watch Hostel or most of the other recent fair. Maybe it's because it's so hard to get a night out to see a "grown up" movie that I tend to go see stuff like Hellboy 2, The Dark Knight, or Watchmen when given the opportunity.

I also have a weakness for free first episodes of TV shows on iTunes.

What do these two things have in common?

They collided.

There I was, watching this new TV show, Harper's Island, rolling my eyes the same way I did at the first episode of The Starter Wife (which got better, but simply wasn't my show). On the screen, vapid people were being self-absorbed but in a moderately charming way, when all of a sudden we cut to a shot of a man trussed up to the ship's motor. He's got scuba gear, so he can breathe, but he can't get loose. And, just as the showrunners intended, my thoughts were these:

1)He's going to be in a little bit of trouble when they start those engines.


2) Okay, this is looking pretty cool.

The show even has the creepy little girl who seems to have some kind of regular contact with the killer. (Nobody would be more thrilled than me if she actually turned out to be the killer, but that's neither here nor there.)

And speaking of the creepy kid, here's the trailer so you can hear her saying "One by one."

Now... you may ask yourself. What does all of that have to do with the title "Cutting people in half?" Heh. For that, I have the following answer: Watch the first episode and keep your eye on Uncle Marty. :)


Patricia Altner said…
This does sound wonderfully creepy. Thanks for the heads up!
Jeremy F. Lewis said…

I just noticed that it's even available via Watch Instantly on Netflix as each episode comes out...
Falcata Times said…
I hope we get it in the UK, thanks for the recommendation.
Anonymous said…
Have you noticed that, except for the minister, all the victims are ...gasp!...fornicators? Traditional slasher film victimology. Except this time they aren't all horny teenagers.

I miss Uncle Marty already.

Jeremy F. Lewis said…
Yes, mb. I had noticed that.

Have you been watching the Harper's Globe videos? That's a very interesting example of tying new media into a promotion campaign.

But back to the show. Once I realized they were using the slahser movie rules, I began wondering which way they'd go with the yippy dog.

Would the dog get killed or would its owner get killed looking it?

One word: fwoosh!
Tanya said…
I LOVE harper's island even have my mom watching it. last week's the rehearsal dinner was amazing...great cliff hanger!

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