And Now a Word for our Sponsors

I've noticed that race car drivers make a big point of taking a swig of their sponsor's drink during the post-race interview. Unless they happen to be running the colors of a booze maker. But I think it'd be refreshing to see a driver slam a couple of shots of Jack Daniels while the media peppered him with questions. We might end up with a much more interesting segment. Kinda like:

"What did you think of the race, Dan?"

"I am the best driver that ever lived! Fear me, or I will put you on your lid!" Elbow nudge and a wink. "Didja see how I rhymed just now? Kinda like Muhammad Ali used to? Anyway, where was I? I rock, we established that . . . oh, also my crew is pretty bitchin'. Except for this guy named Milt who never gets our lunch orders right and always comes in smelling like gym socks." Nose wrinkle. "I hate going to the gym. It's like, run, run, run for a freaking hour. And then lift weights until you've killed 10,000 brain cells. And then bike. These cars should be easier to drive. I'm gonna talk to the engineers about throwing an automatic transmission in there once in a while. You know, so I can take a day to go shopping." Teary-eyes. "All my jeans have holes in the knees."

Now that, my friends, would make me into a whole new level of race fan!

How would you like to see your favorite athletes change their approach to the sport?


writtenwyrdd said…
I think I'd like to see the jockeys carry the horses across the finish line. Of course, you'd need bigger jockeys...but surely all those Russian women powerlifters aren't doing much before the next Olympics?
Anonymous said…
Actually, just having honesty from the athletes would be good.

"You've just won the game! How'd you do it?"

"I sank the basket, after training for that kind of situation for hours upon end. Any other stupid questions you want to ask?"
Caffey said…
LOL Jennifer! I'm a die-hard NASCAR fan. (But I otherwise watch no sports, LOL) I grew up with 2 brothers working with a past NASCAR driver and now working as a crew member with a local NASCAR north driver their local speedway. We had always went to the local speedway every weekend growing up! I remember my brother having me go to the store on Friday night and getting the specific pop and filling it ice cold in the cooler and having it ready to leave when he did on early Saturday morning. He would drink nothing but what his team was sponsoring. I can imgaine them all after drinking Booms Farm Wine and Utica Beer (Those were local drinks that sponsored some drivers) LOL.

This has me laughing. I have to share this with my hubby,brothers and dad.

I'm not even answering your question yet. I want to see this. LOL.
Jennifer Rardin said…
That would be freaking hilarious, writtenwyrdd!!

Good point, silveradept. More interesting questions would definitely lead to more fun answers!

Can't wait to hear their reaction, Caffey!

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