I like to think of it as building anticipation

I was trying to think of good places to post my recently-announced tour dates, and when I asked Mark if I should do it here, he politely suggested that maybe I should try posting an intro before shamelessly pimping myself out.

This is a fair point, seeing as I've been a member here for a few months. Possibly more. Thus far, the only real evidence of my presence has been my book covers in the sidebar and the picture that Jeanne Stein posted of my office, back before my boyfriend cracked and cleaned it for me because it was literally impossible to walk in.

Anyway, I digress. Unlike everyone else here, I write post-modern erotic literary fiction. Okay--no, that's not true. At least not until retirement. I write urban fantasy like the others and currently have three series out, two for adults and one for teens. My Georgina Kincaid series is about a reluctant succubus who's unlucky in love, seeing as getting physically close to others steals their souls. When not caught up in that, she solves assorted supernatural mysteries that find their way to Seattle--which are more prevalent than you might think. And when not doing that, she and the rest of the cast drink a lot.

My Dark Swan series is about a shaman-for-hire whose roommate dresses up like a Native American in order to wax about nature at poetry readings and score chicks. My heroine battles fey and spirits that cause mischief in our world but inadvertently becomes the object of their affection when a prophecy declares that her yet-unborn-or-conceived-son will lead the Otherworld to the domination of humanity. She also drinks a lot.

Lastly, there's my YA work, the aptly named Vampire Academy. It's my heavy-hitter and what sends me on tour. It's about a half-vampire teenage girl training to be a bodyguard against evil vampires. So, there's lots of punching and decapitation. There's also an inappropriate relationship with her older (i.e. early 20s) instructor. The drinking is kept to a minimum, but the series is getting darker as time goes on, which is rough on some readers.

Anyway, there we have it. My life's work. I always feel self-conscious describing what I do, but at least I can rest easy that my vocation will receive a better reception here than when I have to explain it at the bank or hair salon. Hmm...other thing to know about me. I'm a red-haired, passive-aggressive Scorpio from the Midwest, now living on the elitist West Coast and loving it and its crazy liberal ways. I'm also fan of anything with a twisted sense of humor, but this seems to be a secret since I'm usually the Quiet One in group activities...and there seems to be this stereotype that quiet people are bland and nice. But I won't dash everyone's illusions if you won't.

More info about me is on my site. If anyone would like to meet me, the aforementioned tour dates are here. And since I feel my pimping was subdued here, I'll also make a pitch for my hot, badass teacher from the VA series, who is currently up for sexiest guy at Bitten By Books. There's a strong possibility the League might shut down if he doesn't win...so, yanno. This is an urgent matter.

Thanks for reading!


K Giardina said…
Good morning and thanks for the tour dates - hope you have a wonderful time! Unfortunately, my tiny little piece of real estate isn't near one of your stops. :o(

I recently finished Storm Born and have these ridiculous little ticklers all over my various calendars (although the one I share with my boss is in a secret code *grin*) for your Thorn Queen release.

Happy Friday and continued success!!
Karen said…
Yay!! You're coming to Boston. I'm dumping my kid on my husband for the night & dragging my sister out!

I just finished Succubus Heat (after re-reading the first 3 books because they're so good) & I will happily and shamelessly recommend that everyone invest in the series. Skip the library - you'll want to own them!!(Don't worry - no spoilers.)
Vickie said…
YIPPPEEEE!! I see a Boulder date, I see a Boulder date!!!!

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