Long Time Gone...

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Wow. Can I just say, officially, Battle of the Network Zombies kicked my ass.  It was what I imagined my second book would be like to write, only it wasn't--Road Trip was a breeze comparitively.  I think I spent so much time and energy into one of my spec projects (The Dark Rites of Joe Barkley), when I had to switch gears and drop back into Amanda's filthy cluttered mind, I just wasn't prepared. So, I'm really just happy to have a completed draft.  It needs a ton of work and it seems I have a bit more time to do that work than I'd previously expected, but I'm happy with the comedic elements and the new characters that cropped up despite a pretty detailed outline (oops). Summer's here and so I'll be doing revisions here... ...which helps a great deal.  Something about the moving water from the fountain and the dogs roaming in the yard really helps the vile snark to rise out of me like a meaty belch.  Or not. We got a new addition to the family this week, a 6-year old Maltese named Yoda (seen here being overtly adorable). He's taking a lot of time away from my writing, forcing me to make baby noises and be otherwise ridiculous.  We've had him for four days now and he's bonding with us and the other dogs, which was our biggest concern.  The bonus is he's trained to go poop on potty pads, which has had an interesting effect on the brood.  They've been doing it too and not just wherever the fuck they feel like.  Could he be training them? So anyway, back to the writerin'.  I plan to have a draft for my beta readers by Friday.  After that, I'm working on the following (in handy list format--since someone pointed out they never know what I'm actually working on)...  

1. YA proposal (Ghosty Teen Goths/Purgatory/Buttload of Possessions)  

2. Screenplay with Mario. (Not paranormal at all)  

3. Finish Joe Barkley and get that off to my agent.  

4. Work on Russ Meyer/sexy vampire stewardesses/wayward druggie starlet/drag race project  

5. Option Book Proposal  

6. Blog more routinely (Cuz Dayum I've been absent lately).  

Not necessarily in that order.  But you get the gist.  Lots to do this summer and fall.  And, bonus!, I'm excited for the prospects.  Wish me luck y'all.


Unknown said…
Congrats and good luck!

Dottie :)
Vickie said…
Ahhh....who's the cute little alpha dog???

You & Mario....together...writing....whew, mind bogglin' and kewl!
nicole said…
I'm very jealous of your backyard, and how big your house looks lol.
Heather C said…
How can you not love that cute little face!!! Yoda is just too cute.

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