Living Backwards

So I'm eating my oatmeal with sliced banana this morning and I realize this isn't gonna last. Because I have taken my gooshy-food phase out of sequence. Which means by the time I'm eighty I will definitely be breakfasting on steak and corn on the cob. I have pondered the practical details of this dealie, and here's how I figure I'm gonna solve the molars-worn-to-a-nub problem.

What funky fun are you planning for your old age?


Carolyn Crane said…
Nice! That is quite the photo. I don't have any funky fun planned for my old age, except if I go around reciting that poem about when I'm an old lady I shall wear purple, my husband has instructions to shoot me in the head. I will also not be carrying tissues in my pockets. I will have a super cool clutch that I carry them in.
Falcata Times said…
I've just got the simple plan of being a cantakerous old so and so. I'll be able to go out in my slippers, shove my way to the front of a queue and if anyone objects I say that my time is more valuable as I might die whilst queuing. LOL

Other than that I think my plan is to make death work damn hard to get me, and when I finally meet the reaper, I'm gonna spit in his eye socket and see if the reaper does indeed have a male reproductive system by trying to kick him in the nuts as well as take that damn sythe off the old bag of bones and give ol Grim what he's been giving everyone else all these years.
Falcata Times said…
Ooohhh forgot, also plan to be Cat Man, You've heard of the crazy ol cat lady, well Im going to be the male equivalent.
Vickie said…
I am going to buy a candy apple red 68 Mustang and fly down the highway listening to my favorite tunes on whatever format is cool then.
Jennifer Rardin said…
Good plan, CJ. I keep telling everybody our generation has never been old, so freaking watch out. The wrinkly years are about to get real cool!

All excellent choices, Falcata. My best to you!

Big ol' stadium full of applause for that idea, Vickie!
GB said…
My goal in life is to be the cranky lady with 80 cats. That crazy old Aunty whom everbody tolerates because they're hoping to get a share of her fortune when she dies, regardless of how bitchy she is to them while she still breathes.

I may be an Aunty that can be cranky sometimes (usually at stupid people, but that's a story for a whole other comment), but I still have a long way to go since I have no fortune to speak of and I only have one cat (one down, 79 to go). I'll get there eventually I'm sure.

It's important to set goals for oneself!

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