The Who-Team?

Okay, show of hands: Who loves "The A-Team?"

I adored this show growing up, watched reruns religiously when Spike was still Television for Men (ha!), and have most of the reasons on DVD. It's a super-fun show with a catchy theme song.

Another show of hands: Who loves The Lord of the Rings? Movies and/or books?

Classic fantasy novels that became amazing, classic films. I was one of the geeks who freaked when she heard there would be special, extended edition DVD's of the theatrical versions.

So imagine my surprise and delight to find this little ditty on YouTube:

Too. Much. Fun.

And it got me thinking (I know, dangerous). What cast of characters from another book (yours or someone else's) would you match up to characters from "The A-Team?"

Who's your Hannibal? Who's your Murdock? Who's your Amy Allen?


Mac said…
That's...that's....that's SO twisted! And hysterically funny. But deeply twisted. :-D
That is just too funny! I miss the A-Team
Anonymous said…
Of course nowadays, if they made an A-Team movie...Hannibal would be someone like Hugh Laurie, Face would be Pam Anderson, Mr T would be Ludicris (or Lil Kim), etc

Hey, what about an all female A-Team? Now I'm excited. LOL
Anonymous said…
My four year old wants to know why I'm laughing hysterically...
Anonymous said…
She also wants to know who "that blonde girl shooting arrows" is...
Falcata Times said…
LOL, To be honest I'll try with David Gemmell's books:
Hannibal - Tenaka Khan
Face - Sieben
Murdock - Viruk
B(ad) A(ttitude) - Druss

As to Amy - maybe someone like Virae

(Characters from DG's Drenai series although Viruk is from Echoes of the Great Song)
Sally said…
Oh, that totally made me laugh. But now I'm up for a bit of Legolas Lust, and I have to get up for work too damn early in the morning to sit and watch even one of my extended dvds...

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