Take That, Writer's Block!

I've basically shut myself off from the internet over the last week or so while I concentrated on finishing a first draft of my new book, a werewolf romance set in Alaska. Which I did, last night at 11:20.

This is probably the most difficult manuscript I've worked on so far, from the beggining, when I started it during the ice storm, without electricty for a week, writing more than 20 pages longhand. And then I had nearly crippling writer's block for about three weeks, which freaked me out enough to seek professional help. (Granted, that help was from another romance writer, but it was still professional help.)

So needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it and I'm not far enough into my career that I take it for granted that it will be published, so keep your fingers crossed.


Ooooh, good luck with the new manuscript! Werewolves in Alaska sounds awesome!
Lale said…
Good luck with revising the pants off of it. Not the fun part! :)
GB said…
Werewolves, romance and Alaska? I think I'm in love.

So, yes, my fingers are crossed, along with my eyes, arms and feet, that it gets published.
Anonymous said…
Wooohooo, that's great, cant wait to read this one!!
Pat said…
I can see how that would be scary. I'm glad that things are moving forward for you once more. I will be looking out for more information on this book.

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