Zombieland. Damn Straight

First off, watch this. I mean it.

Let's all go see it together.


OMG, they actually advertised following them on Twitter....

I didn't realize Woody Harrelson still acts. The man is looking BUFF!
synde said…
i am so there
macbeaner said…
It actually looks decent and funny. I'll definitely have to add it to the list. :)
Anonymous said…
I almost had a heart attack of awesomeness when I watched this. I mean, just, WOW.
Adele said…
Awesome! I love it!
Vampy Nurse said…
Mark.... that was fucken AWESOME!!!

I'm so watching it!
GB said…
Normally zmobies are firmly on my squick list, but I am persuaded to go see this!

(If it gets released in Oz, that is. Must go look it up..)
Oh this looks great. The Purel line actually made me snort.

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