Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show Me The Line

So... I've been reluctant to post about this on my own blog, because I know the elders at the non-denominational church of which I am a former member occasionally check in on it and I'm not trying to start a fight. That bit is over and done. They won't eat with me or socialize with me and that's just not going to change. I'm not even trying to get that changed. This blog post is not about what happened. If you'd like to read more about what happened, I've answered that elsewhere (Note: the online discussion started here then here. I forwarded the link from Jason's site to Lindsay over at Urban Fantasy Land, which led to some discussion here and here. And then some folks were nice enough to blog their support here, here, here, here, and here.) But this blog is about the central question that I still have.

Let me back up. I have always had problems knowing exactly where "the line" is. At Briarwood Christian School, when I was in, I don't know, the fourth grade, maybe? We were doing relay races and I remember acting like a little moron and shouting "boo" at the people on the other teams whenever they got near the rest of us to pick up their baton and run back. Call it the juvenile version of trash talking a batter to mess up his swing. It worked famously and Coach yelled over at me, "How would you like it if they did that to you?"

"I wouldn't mind, Coach. I fully expect them to," I answered back. He didn't respond.

The next time I did it, Coach hauled me out of line, got the wooden paddle, and paddled me. "I told you not to do that," he explained afterward.

"No, sir," I argued. "You asked me how I would like it if they did that to me?" He paddled me again.

Don't feel sorry for Fourth Grade Jeremy, folks, I had it coming for plenty of other foolishness if not for that particular instant and I tell the story not in an attempt to garner sympathy, but to explain that I've never been very good at reading a vague warning. Don't muddy the waters with me. Don't speak to me in vagaries expecting me to read between the lines. Odds are, I won't pick up on it. Don't say, "Do you really want to wear that shirt" if you mean "Change your shirt" either, for example.

So having said all of that, one of the comments I've gotten about the whole church business was a reference to Philippians 4:8

The King James version of that verse says: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

I read that verse to mean that we should dwell on positive things rather than negative thoughts, but I fail to see how it disqualifies Urban Fantasy. For example, most Christians agree that the works of C.S. Lewis are good, but bad things happen in them. Good triumphs over Evil, but some very grisly and unpleasant things still occur. The Bible itself contains accounts of incest, rape, murder, slavery, kidnapping, and attempted genocide... so obviously writing stories that contain those things isn't instantly wrong in the context of a Christian writing fiction. There are also accounts of man being confronted by the supernatural both the divine and the infernal. There is magic, used by evil men and... sometimes... very good men meet terrible ends. So, again, writing about such things is not explicitly wrong. And let's not even get into the fact that the Bible doesn't really address novel writing for good OR for ill. Obviously story-telling is okay, because parables are fiction... so no direct: "Thou Must Not Write Vampire Books" there.

The same commenter pointed out that the book has strip clubs in it and was therefore, wrong from the outset... and true, I have a stripper or two in my novel, but the Bible has prostitutes... so again, I don't see a disconnect. And we can't say that it's unacceptable just because I don't accomplish everything I set out to do with Eric in one novel either, because the Bible is a collection of "books" and not all of them ended happily or with the Jews is the best spiritual place possible.

In Staked, and again in ReVamped, and I dare say in any future Void City novels that I write, Good and Evil will mix it up to some degree. And not to put too fine a point on it, or spoiler anyone, but Good *does* triumph over Evil in Staked. *GASP*

Sure the victory may have pyrrhic aspects, to it, but any win that you can walk away from... Well, you get my point.

So my question is this: Where is the line?

Because... though I'm not exactly certain where it is, I don't see where I crossed it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Barely Sane Interview with Michele Bardsley. Now with even more CONTEST!

Paranormal funny lady Michele Bardsley joins me in the League Lounge today. Well..."join" may be too strong a sentiment. You see, someone's been spreading gossip about my League interviews. Telling "authors" that it's not exactly safe to come to the lounge for what is--in reality--perfectly harmless book and writing talk. I've got feelers out and have a couple of suspects in mind (WATCH YOUR BACK ROWEN!). Now. If you'll just take a moment and head on over to Amazon to order Michele's newest book, WAIT TILL YOUR VAMPIRE GETS HOME. That'll give us plenty of time for the ether to wear off.

Me: Michele? Michele?

*shakes her shoulder gently (cause I am...gentle, you know)*

Michele: (groggy talk) I promise, Mommy! No more wire hangers! ... Wait. What? Hey, where am I?

Me: So nice of you to visit today! Our League readers have been chomping at the bit to hear your witty insights. Are you coherent yet?

Michele: Mark? What the hell did you put in that Starbuck's mocha?

Me: I'm terribly sorry that I've had to resort to such extreme measures. If some people wouldn't make up stories about me I wouldn't have to. Would you like a soda? Aspirin?

Michele: Uh, no. Why am I tied to a chair? Oh, my God. You zip-tied my wrists? Seriously. I can't feel my arms.

Me: There there. You just calm down, I'll release you after our little chat. Easy peasy. Now. Tell us about Broken Heart, Oklahoma. It seems to be festering with the undead these days, wouldn't you say?

Michele: You ... uh, want me to talk about my book? It's kinda dark in here. What are those skittering noises?

Me: Don't worry about those. Now, I've read the first book in your series and I can tell the readers that there's a fair amount of genitals bumping into cheeks and such. Is Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home equally as naughty?

Michele: Ralph Genessa and Libby Monroe get hot for each other. A lot. Then again, they are sharing a dragon soul and have this thing for fire. Still, I don't recall writing any face-to-genital bumping in this novel. But my memory's not so good when I'm terrified beyond all reason.

Me: Well thank the good lord for that.

Michele: You're happy I'm terrified? I'd heard you were sick, Mark. I mean, the coffee can was going around for donations for your treatments, but how much therapy can you get for $3.42? Um ... you know, those sounds are louder than before. Do you have rats down here or what?

*notices Michele inching for the cellar--I mean Lounge--door, reaches down for the bottle of ether and some gauze*

Me: This won't be necessary, will it?

Michele: No, of course not. I'll be good.

Me: Great! So tell everybody what got you interested in writing paranormal romance, and particularly funny paranormals?

Michele: Laughter is the best medicine. Hahahahahaha. Well, unless you're in a situation with a clinically insane author who writes about zombies and conducts interviews in rat-infested basements that smell like ass. You know, hypothetically speaking. Then it's not funny. Laughter doesn't help much. Maybe screaming does. HEEEEELLLP!

Me: Oh...sorry. The house is kind of secluded. I should have told you before so you wouldn't lose your voice. I swear I'm not gonna hurt you though we really should get some questions answered before my pets need to be fed.

*Michele's mouth drops open*

Me: Just kidding. It's just the cats runnin' around. Nothin' to worry about. Now. What's next for Broken Heart? You've got vamps, and werewolves and zombies running around. Now there's dragons. What else do you have up your sleeves?

Michele: Just my arms, I swear. Oh, you meant figuratively. Right? The next book features Broken Heart's mechanic, Simone Sweet, and former para-terrorist soldier, Braddock Hayes. Brady is introduced in WAIT TILL YOUR VAMPIRE GETS HOME. Anyway, Simon and Brady's story is called OVER MY DEAD BODY. You know, figuratively. It's not a suggestion or anything. *gulps*

Me: Exciting. How about this...Hollywood comes a courtin' and asks you who you'd like to see in a Broken Heart TV version. Who do you have in mind?

Michele: James D'Arcy. He played Bishop in that travesty of a vampire movie called Rise: Blood Hunter. But the boy can act. And this time, he could play a sexy vampire with no psychopathic tendencies. I would love to see Nathaniel Parker as Ruadan. As for female leads, I think Ali Larter would make an excellent Jessica.

Me: Who inspired you to write?

Michele: I've always wanted to be writer. I know that's lame (really, you don't need the cattle prod, Mark), but seriously. I have a bunch of favorite authors that make me want to be a better writer. Including you, Mark. You're my favorite.
Me: Aw shit. Now that was poignant right there. Last one...what's your favorite book and just how much to you love snarky zombie bitches, cuz I know I do? Hmm?

Michele: I don't have one favorite book, but honestly, I'd have to say that Dave Eggers' A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS is a must read, especially for writers. But other than that, my most favorite book ever is ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD. I love snarky zombie bitches. I mean, I would say that anyway seeing as how you have the cattle prod and the mace over there, but truly, you haz mad skillz.

Me: Thank you. *grins wildly* Well now, see how good you've been, besides all the snotty comments and screaming and all? I'm gonna let you go, but I know where you live so you just keep that trap shut hear?

*Michele nods and then as soon as I get the ties off her she bolts. Doesn't even say goodbye or nothin'. Ingrate.*

Me: *calling after her* You come back soon! And mind the alligators!


So another Barely Sane interview draws to a close...

You can order Michele Bardsley's WAIT TILL YOUR VAMPIRE GETS HOME from Amazon or wherever it is you people buy books. And drop by her yahoo group and blog for some more Broken Heart Oklahoma, or just to goof off, she's not at all opposed and she probably won't scream as much.


For the main event. Contest! Contest!

Michele left a couple of things lying around under her chair. Let's see. A signed copy of BECAUSE YOUR VAMPIRE SAID SO and a copy of Dakota's ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF. Fun. You'd think that'd be plenty prize for all you contest hounds but since we at the League are trying to save publishing, I'll throw in a book of the winner's choice (no hardbacks though, you bitches aren't going to drive me to the poorhouse).

So just leave a comment, ask a question and make sure to tell us all what book you want me to shove up your Thanksgiving cornucopia!

I'll pick the winner on Monday at Noon PST, so you've got till then to enter.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

True Blood

Season finale of True Blood...

Your thoughts?

...and they'll be releasing Chinese Democracy any day now!


That is no longer a line we can use in our house to indicate things that will never, ever happen. (Frex: "Cameron Diaz will win an Oscar? Sure. And they'll be releasing Chinese Democracy any day now." Hmm. Perhaps "Sure, and Cameron Diaz will win an Oscar" should replace it?)

Anyway. I am a Guns n Roses fan. No, really. I actually think Appetite for Destruction is a great album, one of those rare albums where every song is worth hearing--others include Johnny Thunders's "LAMF: The Lost '77 Remixes" and the Replacements's "Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take out the Trash!" In fact, it's in part because I'm such a huge Replacements fan too that I was doubly excited about Chinese Democracy--or rather, I was less guardedly excited than I otherwise would have been--because Tommy Stinson, ex-Replacement and brother of the late great Bob Stinson (RIP Bob), is now in GnR.

So. Of course the hubs went out yesterday to buy the album. And of course we listened to it this morning in the car.

The following is a loose transcript of our comments, with extraneous stuff removed:

Me: Aw, look. Axl thanked 'everyone at Best Buy' on the liner notes.' That's kind of cute. I guess he's spent a lot of time hanging out there in the last fifteen years or something?

Hubs: Sometimes I like to lock myself in the sound room and free!

Me: Wait, how many people are in this band, anyway? And, um, how many songs have orchestras? Look: three guitarists, two dummers, a orchestra...a Moog synthesizer? Seriously?

Hubs: Is he singing about Fanta?

Me: This is kind of...this is kind of like adult contemporary with a slight edge.

Hubs: I'd like to thank Herb Alpert?

Me: Yeah, really. It's like November Rain without...well, without the cool Slash guitar solo. Or, um, anything else that made that song listenable.

Hubs: Do you think the members of Velvet Revolver bought this?

Me: This is what took him fifteen years? Do you think there's, like, four albums worth of stuff they cut out?

Hubs: I bet they're crying about this on Big 106 (Miami radio station; sort of classic rock/rock.)

Me: It's not terrible, really.

Hubs: Ah, Axl. How I've missed that stuck-pig squeal.

Me: It's's not really very good, either. It's kind of bland. And the vocals are mixed too high.

So there you go. Have you bought it? Do you even care, at this point?


Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming Wednesday!!!

Another barely sane interview, this time with paranormal romance humortarian Michele Bardsley. There'll be a contest, too. So you'll want to get on some of the hot action!

And While We're on the Theme of 70's Exploitation...

May I offer...VIVA!!!

Anna Biller is AWESOME!

Watch this...but don't wake the other bitches!

The hubs showed me this yesterday, and I am so, so, so hoping it's a real movie, because the trailer alone is a million percent cooler than any movie I've seen in the last five years or so. At least.

Quick! Finish this sentence!!!

Robert Pattinson's hair is___________.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Need a Theme Song

I'm feeling unproductive and a little sad. Someone, give me a theme song! I need some iPod therapy...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fangs for Nothing

Earlier this week, I was talking to Mark about the Romantic Times convention. Specifically, the costume requirements. the 2009 conference will be my first visit to the famous book event.

I'll tell you right now, I like to play make believe. But I'm usually far more likely to be the person who does color commentary on those who dress up.

But I figured at the very least, I could muster the energy to wear something fun for the vampire ball. After all, vamps are kind of my niche. To that end, I started research fangs. They're the cornerstone of any vamp costume and I figured it'd be pretty easy to just buy a pair, stick em on with some polygrip and --presto changeo--Jaye's a vamp.

Um, not so much. Seriously, the variety is mind-boggling. Should I go with the basic, economy version? Or shall I bling it up a bit with gold fangs with Swarovski crystal insets (for the urban undead)? Shredders? Sabers? Blue, green, red?

It's all very overwhelming. And I haven't even begun to think about the outfit.

You know Thanksgiving is coming up. I wonder what my family would do if I showed up with fangs. See? This whole fang issue is putting thoughts in my head. I'm having visions of me wearing them to PTA meetings or to the grocery store just to see how people react. On one hand, how awesome would it be to scandalize my uptight suburban neighborhood? On the other, maybe I have too much time on my hands if I'm daydreaming about wearing fangs to the car wash.

What say you?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In which I am a total loser

So, the other day I got my "Author Questionnaire" from Del Rey's publicity department. Very exciting, yes.

Until I actually looked at it and realized...I got nothin'.

I don't have a college degree. I'm not a member of any professional associations (oh, but apparently my faboo editor Liz Scheier mentioned me in the SFWA newsletter recently? Does anyone have a copy of that bit they could sling my way? I'd really appreciate it.) I don't have a public speaking platform. I haven't contributed to any newspapers or magazines. I have no hobbies, if you don't count cigarettes and booze.

I haven't received any prizes, citations, awards or honors (again, unless you count the wonderful Paul Goat Allen choosing Personal Demons as #5 on his list of Top Thirteen Paranormal Releases of 2008 [note our wonderful Jackie Kessler is also on the list, which is awesome because she rocks!]; I count it, because I'm totally flabbergasted and awed by it, but I don't know if anyone else would.)

And nobody in any bookstores knows me (except my pals at Murder One in London) because I am in rural England. With the cows. And sheep.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, they asked if I had a Yahoo group. And I do. I just never do anything with it. I've been meaning to for a long time, but it's a December Quinn group and so doesn't really relate to the Kane stuff,'s been in limbo.

Today I made a decision, though. I started a new group. Stacia Kane News will hopefully be a bit more active; I plan to post excerpts and teasers and stuff, and do a semi-regular newsletter. Luckily, there should soon be some actual news to put in that newsletter, so I'm hoping people who are members of the old group will switch over, and that maybe some new people will come hang out too, and we can have some fun. Hopefully. Otherwise it will be just me sitting there by myself. Which I do all the time anyway, sigh, as I am a loser.

And I just had to admit that on paper to my publisher. :-) Now all I have to do is come up with some interview questions (I'm assuming "Gee, you're a real loser; what can you tell us about that?" isn't the sort of thing they're looking for) and I'll be done with it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Things I'm Lovin'...

I thought I'd share a list this week. It's something I used to do quite a bit on my personal blog and then I guess, just forgot that I liked to do it. It's sort of like Oprah, only I ain't givin' you shit. So here goes...

10. CAT'S CRADLE by Kurt Vonnegut. Subtle apocalyptic scifi by a master of satire. I had never read Vonnegut before and was totally ashamed to admit it. Now I'm hooked. His style is easy and accessible while the concepts are challenging and thought provoking. Most of all, it's funny.

9. Caitlin's Street Magic cover!! What? Look at Pete! She's totally bad-ass and Jack is buff as hell. I'm lovin' it! Plus it's super dark and London-y.

8. WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks is blowing my freakin' mind. I'd tried to read Chuck Palahniuk's oral history attempt, RANT and just lost interest, but Brooks' interview format is just clinical enough that it shocks you when a character responds with something so horrifying it sticks with you for days.

7. Dear God why did they open a Carl's Jr. down in Lacey? I can't stop thinking about their Banana Pudding shake with real Nilla Wafers crushed inside. I'd sock my Moms for one right now. Seriously. It tastes just like the pudding when my mom would make it, only cold, because I could never wait and would always snatch a big spoonful warm from the oven.

6. Fringe (Fox TV). I wasn't certain about this show from the pilot episode but now I'm hooked. If you can get past the desire to refer to Joshua Jackson as Pacey, you'll see a genuinely fun little techno-mystery adventure mash-up. Plus there's gross-outs! Oh but where is Reaper?

5. My awesome mini-business cards from Moo. The paper is thick and the color is sharp, plus I get to see Len's vision of Amanda all the time and they come with a skull on the other side. A-fuckin-dorable! Shout out to Cherie Priest for the heads up on these bad boys.

4. Zombie ARCs! In the past few weeks, I've been collecting the March zombie releases in ARC form. I have the whole set. Count 'em: 5! Oh yes. There will be much zombiness coming your way, including another comedy (Breathers by Scott Browne), 3 YAs (The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, You are So Undead to Me by Stacey Jay, and The Zombie Queen of Newberry High by Amanda Ashby), and...oh yeah...a little smoodge of Ms. Feral. Watch for contests!

3. Speaking of Zombies, Caroline and I watched DEMONS this weekend. Not like watched them rise from the gates of hell or anything. The movie DEMONS directed by Lamberto Bava and written by the great Dario Argento! Holy Crap what an 80s cheesefest. I loved it. I gotta buy it. Rick James zombie-thing spewing pea soup? Check? Go West on the soundtrack? Check? Superawful english dubbing? You bet. Run don't walk to your video store.

2. Have I mentioned my Belizian flyswatter/flagellator? It's awesome. I've yet to come across a fly problem since I've been back. But believe you me, I'm prepared.

1. Word Wars!!! Jaye and I and our friend Leah have been battling since last Thursday on AIM in a chatroom in these short bursts of competitive writing. I've never been so motivated or frankly productive. I hit 11,500 words today. It was slow at first but now I'm hitting a stride at around 3000 per day. And!! I feel good about what I've written. Slump over!!!

What are some of your favorite things (remember nobody's favorite things are being traded here or given away, if that holds you back at all)?

Ahh...the holidays are coming, so says my Inbox

Yes, yes, yes. I know Christmas is coming. Even without having seen wrapping paper in the stores for the last three weeks, even without lights going up in town, even without starting my own shopping.

How do I know? Because the amount of freaking spam in my Inbox has taken a giant leap.

I used to get maybe one email a month from Amazon. In the last week I've gotten almost ten. Cafe Press, Barnes & Noble, Godiva chocolates... anyplace I have ever done business with is suddenly jostling for space in my Inbox, begging for my attention, begging me to allow them to fulfill my holiday shopping requirements.

It's not that I mind being alerted to sales and bargains. I often appreciate it throughout the rest of the year. No, honestly, I do. There's a reason why I haven't unsubscribed from these emails, and it's because I do sometimes find them useful.

But oh...I'm already tired of deleting them from my Inbox, and then from my BlackBerry.

Is anyone else noticing a huge leap in the amount of spam they're getting? Or is it just me?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Signings

Last night I went to a booksigning for Team Plano (soon to come: Team Plano vs Team Seattle cage match) friend Michele Bardsley. The event was to celebrate the release of WAIT TIL YOUR VAMPIRE GETS HOME (go buy it now, please). Michele offered snacks, coffee, prizes and a reading, plus she answered questions about the book and her writing. Fun times.

It got me thinking about book signings in general. I've found that the best author events include a reading and question portion. They're more entertaining and interactive than the author just sitting behind a card table hoping someone will want a book signed. It also helps if they offer snacks--preferably chocolate.

I have to admit that I never went to a book signing before I started writing. And it got me wondering about how often other people go out of their way to attend an author event at a book store. Unless you're a die-hard fan and follow an author's blog or web site, it can be hard to know when and where these events occur. I recently found, where authors register their upcoming events. For readers, it's a great tool because the site will send you an email letting you know of all the book events in your area each month.

So what say you? Do you attend book signings in your area? And what types of events do you most enjoy?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The League Saves Publishing!

I've been slathering my yahoo group with big gloppy spoonfuls of the recent doom and gloom from the publishing industry. I try to be optimistic about most things, but when it comes to a situation that directly effects me as a writer AND a reader, I tend to take a dip into some pretty moody waters. Particularly when it's a problem I can't fix.

Or can I?


I can BUY BOOKS. But more than that, I can buy NEW books, that makes an impact however small. I'll even give up a meal. Mass-market paperbacks are only like 7 0r 8 bucks, that's just one heart-clogging lunch to give up. And really, I could use the loss of calories. Also, if you know me, guess what you're getting for Christmas? And don't think of getting me anything that isn't on my Amazon wishlist!

Are y'all in? We can save the publishing industry and lose weight while we're at it!!!

Putting aside my usual hatred

So as some of you may know, I have an arch-nemesis and ongoing blood feud with fellow fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss. However, because I am the bigger man, I am willing to put that aside for the moment because there's a greater cause at stake here- helping others in need out.

In his own words:
Heifer International is my favorite charity. It helps people raise themselves up out of poverty and starvation. All over the world Heifer promotes education, sustainable agriculture, local industry, and clean water.

Back to my words...
The full details are over here on his blog:

This is a win-win situation folks. First and foremost, you're doing good, with a capital G (possibly putting you into the Fraternal Order of Goodness, who knows?). And if that alone weren't enough, Mr. Rothfuss will match your donation dollar for dollar (I assume he has a lot of money, earned no doubt by trampling the souls of his enemies). AND you can win lots of cool prizes- maps of his world, signed copies of books, advanced copy of the someday to be released second book of his series, other nifty things...

So what are you waiting for. Go to his site, follow his rules, and give to a worthwhile cause.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stick a Fork in Me

I finished the draft of my latest WIP!!! HAH! And HAH, again! Take THAT you freaking MUSE, making me write 43,000 words in less than four weeks! THPTHPTHPTHPT!!! No more middle-of-the-night gotta-write feelings! No more four(ish) hours of restless sleep! No more launching myself out of bed to get to the computer to write!

HAH!!! DONE!!!

But...wait. Maybe I should tinker some more. Make it better.


But I could just give it a quick read. Maybe do a little polish. The last couple chapters were really flimsy...






This is me, not thinking about this damned book. Nope. Not thinking about it. La la la, I'm not thinking about it...

(I wonder if my crit partner has read it yet...)

Monday, November 10, 2008


How are we all feeling about True Blood?

I'm still watching every week despite some WTF moments and dubious casting choices. But I can't tell you how many of my friends are watching this show. Even those that wouldn't read a vampire book if you paid them (yes, I'm working on them). I'm curious to see if the shine has worn off for people, or if everyone's still excited about it.

What say you?

Monday evils

Which is more deadly: a five year old farting on your lap, or a seven year old burping hot-dog burps in your face?

Ah, parenthood.

List your Monday evils!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Moderately Gory Content...Beware!

I know I've mentioned my teen obsession with Clive Barker's Books of Blood, if not here then on my personal blog. Well. I'm pissing around the internet today--as I'm wont to do--and look what pops up on my friends-list...

Holy crap, it looks awesome, too. It appears to be the central story that held the anthology together, though it's my understanding that they are filming several of the stories as part of this film. A miniseries for the theater, if you will--and believe me I am.

This reminds me...I need to track down Midnight Meat Train...


What My Boys Taught Me This Morning

This morning, my boys taught me important things:

- Dragons have wings, but most of us know that
- Some of us don't know dragons breathe fire out of their mouths
- They have patterns like eyes and teeth on their wings, to scare away predators
- Castles have drawbridges
- Jabba got killed
- Luke got a robotic hand

My boys showed me all of these the BOOKS THEY WERE WRITING. Yes, that's right: the Precious Little Tax Deductions are writers! Oh, they make a mommy proud!

(Tax Deduction the Elder explained that when he's done, he'll sell his book for thirty dollars. Because, as he said, he should make his own money so he can buy things. Rock on, you capitalistic creative child!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things That Shouldn't Work

I failed my willpower roll and now must compulsively share a video.

A group named Moosebutter put this song together around the time of the Star Wars prequels. The idea sounds... well... odd: An a capella tribute to the music of John Williams with lyrics that are all about Star Wars. Just wait until you hear the Jaws bit.

So... this is absolutely no use to aspiring writers except as an example that just because something sounds like it won't work, doesn't mean that it can't be executed brilliantly. I suppose the real secret is learning when to listen to the naysayers and when to ignore them.

Anyone else have any examples of ideas (books, inventions, etc) that shouldn't have worked, but did?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Do You Nano?

Hello Leaguers! Hope everyone survived Halloween/Samhain. Now that another October has passed, it's time to buckle down before the craziness of Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hannahkuh/Kwanzaa/Festivus is upon us. That's right, people, it's time for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month).

I've never participated in Nano before, but this year I decided to give it a try. Why? Well in addition to the aforementioned holidays falling in the middle of my deadline, I will also have the release of Red-headed Stepchild in March. That means February through May I'll be pimping. Thus, my deadline just got cut from nine months to about five. So I'm kick starting book three by trying to pound out a rough draft in a month.

So far I'm on track, but we're only on day three. I don't normally write every single day, so this will be an interesting month. If anyone's interested in being my Nano buddy my Nano name is jayebird75.

So tell me, are you doing Nano? Or have you done it in the past? Feel free to share you experience and/or advice in comments.

Jennifer Rardin and Super Seekrit Contest Winners!

Hey y'all, hope everybody had a great Halloween. We're really happy with the League Halloween Spectacular and are really thankful for all our guests and readers for stopping by. A couple of contest winners have been announced so I figured we'd rap up the rest.

First up, taking home the shiny signed copy of Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin...


Summer, email Jaye (link on the left) with your address and she'll hook you up.


I hinted around that there might be some sort of secret contest in the works and sure enough, there was one. Though, to be honest, I had no clue what the prize was until last Friday. So without further adieu, the winner is...

Jackie Ballway!!!

And what might she have won? Oh this here nifty prize pack.

That's the ARC for Road Trip (I like the red cover better than Happy Hour's blue), a cover flat of Road Trip and the hot off the presses cover flat of Richelle's new one, Succubus Heat.

You like?

Jackie, email me (at) markhenry (dot) us. And I'll get that stuff off to you ASAP.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again for hanging out. Remember, there are more surprises coming your way from The League of Reluctant Adults.

One last last thing...

Movies I Can't Wait For #4 (Does no one edit my stuff?)

He's the protector of bean curd!

Making a list, checking it twice

We officially started out holiday shopping on Saturday. Yay us!

The thing is, shopping here is a nightmare any time of year. Really. There's no parking anywhere. The stores are small and crowded, the aisles narrow and cramped. It's never a pleasant or fun experience.

But the closer you get to Christmas, the worse it gets. And the stores run out of things! And don't order more. Or they close--I will never forget, our first year here, trying to order some Angelina Ballerina toys on December 10 for the Princess, and discovering that the online store with the widest selecton closed on December 5t and did not repoen until Jan 10th, "so the employees can spend the holiday with their families." Which is great, I mean, I'm all for employees getting nice long breaks, but it's frankly terrible customer service; what if something is broken or doesn't work? How do you survive with no Christmas shopping being done? Why not give your employees Jan 10th-Feb 15th off, or something, that way they get a nice long break and you actually serve your customers? Sheesh.

Anyway. We have started. And now I'm on Amazon, updating my wish list. I hate doing this. I can never think of things I want, and what I want more, and do I really want that?

This year I'm mostly putting cookware on my list. I have always wanted a nice set of Le Creuset. So I'm putting stuff on the list, or rather I will be as soon as I can figure out what color I like best. I'm thinking instead of all one color I'll get a mix of gray, light blue and dark blue; what do you think? (Of course I know I'm not getting a whole set all at once, but I'm sure I'll get a piece or two under the tree.)

What's going on your list this year? What's your big must-have? And have you started your shopping?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Book Winner!!!

Live from the Awake Way Too Late at Crisis*Con Club... it's time to annouce the winner of Phaedra Weldon's book: Spectre!

The winner is...CHRISTINE MOORE!!!

Congrats, Christine!

Send me your contact information and I'll pass it along to Phaedra. Thank you to all the folks who stopped by to comment on Ghoul and an extra special thank you to Pheadra for the story!

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