Jennifer's When-to-Wear-White Rule

I still remember the first pair of white jeans my mom ever bought me. I put them on, tore out of the house, and ten minutes later I was twenty feet up a tree. The stains never came out. Which is why, to this day, I cannot wear pastels.

I'm still trying to figure out how to break it to the kids. How about something like, "Dudes, your mom isn't really a Spring. I just have Sugar Maple Ascension Syndrome. I hear it's hereditary too. So now you know why we never built you a treehouse. Or lived in a second story apartment. By the way, how do you feel about Tarzan?"

In case you were wondering, yes, I have climbed a tree in the past six months. And yeah, it was damn fun--but my jeans were definitely blue. How about you? How long has it been? Did you have a treehouse as a kid? Or even want one? Should we form a construction party and come erect one in your back yard, like, tomorrow? I know somebody with an extra mini-fridge if you can find an electrician with a really tall ladder!


Brooke Reviews said…
We didn't have very many tall trees in our yard as kids. We did okay with what we had though :) I'm not very good at climbing things, and I probably won't be up in any trees unless there is a nice sturdy ladder. :)
elnice said…
Jennifer...I still get a little shaky whenever you post, I looooveee youuuu.

Ok, done sounding like a stalker.
When I grew up, I lived in an area with many trees, but no treehouse. Now, with kids, we live in an area with few trees. So instead of a treehouse, they have one of those plastic clubhouses. Not quite the same adventure inspiring setting, but less injuries.
ChristinaRae said…
I climbed all the time when I was a kid. We had an old maple in the front yard that had branches perfectly placed for me to sit comfortably and read for hours.

I could most often either be found there, or in the hayloft.

No treehouse, though. I didn't miss it.
unseelieme said…
Does climbing apple trees to get the best apples count? I did that last fall.

Growing up we didn't have a treehouse, but we had a non-working farm full of dangerous places to play/hide. Our favorite was the loft in the barn. We would leap 2 stories down into a room full of old old hay.
Falcata Times said…
LOL I didn't tend to go up tree's, Mountains yes, tree's no.

So perhaps what might be worth doing Jenn would be to get youself one of those luxury sheds, decorate it with all the stuff you'd like (including that mini fridge,) pretend its up a tree and then have your own special place to go for some quality Jenn Time.
Anonymous said…
We didn't have any good climbing trees at home. But everytime we went to visit my Dad's uncle--YES! He had the *PERFECT* climbing tree, with 1 fairly low branch and the rest we're spaced apart enough you could go up pretty high and still feel safe. I'd climb as high as I could without giving my mother a stroke--literally, she couldn't watch me, scared her to death LOL

Never had a tree house, but would have loved to have one.

I miss that old tree. Wish we had one in our yard for my kids. Hmmm . . .
Anonymous said…
I want an adult tree house. Or I need to visit the place in southern Oregon where you can rent a treehouse, complete with fridge and bathroom.

I didn't have a treehouse as a kid, but did have a fort thing with two levels.

Jennifer Rardin said…
Maybe it's good to know these things about ourselves, Brooke Reviews. However, you could always go the other way. I hear root cellars make awesome clubhouses!

Cool, elnice!

Reading in a tree? What could be better, ChristinaRae?

That totally counts, unseelieme!

That's definitely a thought, Falcata. Now where did I put that portable CD player?

Awesome story, saycheesepease. Funny how we morph from those kids into that mom!!

Oh yeah, I think forts might be just as satisfying, Michelle!! I can imagine many fun hours being spent in such a setting!

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