The Scientific Method

So here's the latest gossip via some TV show I can't remember the name of because I live in a fantasy world most of the day so I'm lucky to recall the route to the grocery store.

There are scientists piping messages out into the universe in the hope that some alien race, way the hell out there, has a funnel taped to its ear. These messages contain lots of info including music and math problems and, oh by the way...every little detail you'd ever wanna know about our DNA. No. I'm not kidding. Because apparently not one of these eggheads has ever seen a single episode of Dr. Who. Or they would totally understand that all the superior beings will have to do once they secure this information is develop a virus that's fatal to creatures with our DNA, shuttle it into our atmosphere and drop it in any large city.

I figure we have two options. We can evolve. Which, considering these scientists are supposed to be our best and brightest, I don't see much of a chance for the human race in that direction. Or we can hope their courier trips over Saturn and breaks the vial long before it reaches our atmosphere.

Of course I could be way off base. How do you figure our first contact with aliens will play out?


Falcata Times said…
Well thats going to be the interesting one. The questions is would they think that we're the smartest thing on the planet or would they perhaps think that some other creature is, ie could it be a more primitive version of themselves such as Crocs (hey the dinosaur mass extinction might not have happened on thier world) or Dolphins or some such.

As to the claim by some that we've already been visited, I'd have to doubt that. Your telling me that they've come all the way out here, crossed billions of miles of space, navigated past black holes, suns and mangaged huge astrological equations and just managed to crash on our world? I doubt it some how.

I think if and when they do turn up (to assume we're the only intelligent life out there is pretty daft considering how much we know about space to date which is somewhere around a thimbleful) I'm with the how stupid are our top brains? Putting an image of us is one thing, but a whole DNA sequence thats something else. You really do have to wonder if the guy who thought that was smart really managed to graduate school.

Mind you the other angle would be where they attempted to land. If in the US (which according to film is the Aliens hotspot) then they'll probably be vapourised before they even get the welcome mat out, if in the UK, then they'll probably be wondering when the Doctor will get there to talk the primates into sense. LOL

Would be interesting to see what they make of our TV programmes such as SG1, Dr Who, Star Trek etc. Or whether thats the only thing keeping us safe as they think that its real. Now that is a scarey thought if we'd ever have to wheel ol Bill Shatner out to scare the hell out of them. Perhaps just getting him to "sing" would do the job. LOL
-Kelly Meding said…
I always envision our meeting with aliens going along the lines of "Mars Attacks!"

T.M. Thomas said…
It's still my dream in life to be in on the first contact mission.
Thom said…
Judging by human history, it will probably go down like District 9. A fascinating new sentient race will land on Earth with superior advanced technology and we will treat them like shit while trying to get rich off their superior advanced technology.
Thom said…
I meant sapient, not sentient. My bad
Jennifer Rardin said…
Yeah, Kelly. They'll charm us with their cuteness right before they cut us all down!

Aw, you gotta give me more than that, T.M.! What will you say? Is there a universal hand signal that doesn't mean "Shoot me where I stand?" Details!

You know the human race far too well, Thom. Hopefully that will be the moment when the person talking (note I didn't say the one in charge-he/she is generally an ass) will take everyone by surprise and save us all!

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