As you all know, we're nothing if not helpful here at the League. Basically, we're givers. You know that. So to service you all as you deserve to be serviced, we're starting a new, um, service.

Introducing the League of Reluctant Adults WTF? (LRA WTF? for short) feature. That's right, friends, we're answering your questions. Have a burning question about writing or publishing? We know some shit about writering and publishifying. Got a burning rash? We could probably recommend a good salve. Pretty much nothing is off limits. However, we reserve the right to delete anything offensive (our standards are pretty low though) or skip anything boring. Your questions will be answered by someone though. And you never know when one of our characters will step in to give you their two cents.

So get busy, people. Help us help you. Do it now.


Kiyote said…
How do you organize your writing? Outline or no? Notecards? anything?

Mark said…
What is the temperature at which jam gels? 218? 220?
Thom said…
What was the secret origin of the League? What is the determining factor that seperates an LRA writer from the others?

Basically, how did the cool kids get so cool and what makes them cool in the first place?
JD said…
Now we know how the planet will fair should there be a zombie apocalypse, what model would you devise as a predictor of how the zombie apocalypse will affect global warming and vice versa?
JD said…
I mean we know how humanity will fair, not the planet.

-Kelly Meding said…
Are we supposed to be answering these questions?
Falcata Times said…
How do you generate a likeable character?
-Kelly Meding said…
The less tongue-in-cheek Q: Bloodstains - try to remove or chuck-and-replace?
Anonymous said…
Kelly--that's why you put plastic down FIRST--or paint everything red (that is if we are talking about things that bleed red-can of worms opening here!)
Rob Ward said…
A good friend recently mentioned that one of the best pieces of writing advice he'd ever heard was a Raymond Chandler quote who said that (paraphrased, of course) whenever he got into a jam in ...a story, he'd just have someone come in shooting. That would force him to write his way out--who were they and why were they after the hero?

My question is what is the best advice you (any. . .all, etc.) ever got?

Thank you,
unseelieme said…
If you could only have 5 books on your bookshelf to read and read again, what would they be?

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