On Secrets and the Origins of Cool

Thom asked: "What was the secret origin of the League? What is the determining factor that seperates an LRA writer from the others? Basically, how did the cool kids get so cool and what makes them cool in the first place?"

Dear Thom,

The secret origins of the League are secret for a reason. If we told you we wouldn't have to kill you, but we would have to offer you as a sacrifice to Paco, Jackie's pet werechihuahua. He's small but he's mighty. Don't go there. Trust me on this.

As for what separates the League writer from everyone else? Well, the truth is a League writer can't just be a good. No. A League writer must piss excellence. Also they can't have told us no when we asked them to join. That's pretty much our criteria.

Now, on to the coolness question. I can't speak for the other Leaguers, but I became a cool kid by generous use of predatory snark and a devil-may-care personal style. In fact, I'm so cool, I'm actually a dork. Ponder that for a while, my friend.




Jeremy F. Lewis said…
So... wait, that smell is excellence, I thought it was all the asparagus...
Jaye Wells said…
Excellent asparagus, Jeremy.
Thom said…
Dammit, Jeremy beat me to the asparagus joke :(
Jeremy F. Lewis said…
Don't worry Thom, if I hadn't beaten you to the asparagus joke Mark would have. ;)
Mark said…
Mmm. Olive showers. It's a new fad, all the kids are doing it.

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