A conversation with my six-year-old daughter

So the girls are playing in the living room. And the little one--Faery--trips over a toy. Not just any toy. A Millenium Falcon, the ones that you get for those little chunky Star Wars toys? We of course have this item.

Anyway, Faery trips and starts to cry.

Me: What happened?

Six-year-old (Princess): Faery tripped and hurt herself on that. (Points)

Me: On what?

Princess: On that spaceship there.

Me: That's not just "a spaceship"! That's the Millenium Falcon!

Princess: What's that?

Me: The Millenium Falcon is--well, it's the fastest ship in the galaxy! It's the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs! (picks up toy, sets it aside). You better not let your daddy hear you call the Millenium Falcon just a spaceship.

The Princess is a huge Ghost Rider fan, too. She wants a poster of him for her wall. One of these days I'll post the picture of her in her Ghost Rider mask--she begged to have it for her birthday. She can name most members of the Justice League. She knows a lot of the characters on Star Trek and loves Buffy.

What geeky things are you passing on to your kids?


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