League Book Club Post #2: Dead to Me by Anton Strout

So today I thought we'd talk some about Simon as a character (no, not just because I have a huge crush on him! I'm a serious Book Discusser, me.)

For someone with the abilities Simon has--not just metaphysically, but physically, he's pretty good with that baton--he has a lot of insecurities. How do you think his relationship with Connor highlights those, and what does it say about both men?

Also, in what way do Simon's relationships with women effect the overall plot? Would most men have been unable (or unwilling) to perform after seeing Tamara and Fergus in the beginning? Do you think his attachments to Irene and Jane are indicative of his need to find women who need him, rather than simply wanting him? And again, if this is how he sees his function in a romantic relationship or male/female one, is that perhaps part of the reason why his relatonship with Connor is what it is? Does Simon still try to see his place in his world as a traditional one?


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