Things That Shoulda Been Cooler Than They Really Were

All right, since I can't think of a single thing to talk about, let's discuss Things. As in, Things that should have been kickass awesome...and really just kinda sucked. Or maybe they were lame. No books, mind you, but there's plenty of other fodder out there.


The Cranberries song, Zombie. There were actually no zombies in it. Pity.

The TV show, Jericho. Because there's not enough post-apocalyptic roller derby.

Pride & Prejudice - the remake with Keira Knightley. We don't even get a KISS between Darcy and Elizabeth? HELLO? This one was done in 2007 specifically for theaters, not public TV, people. I'm not saying I wanted to see some Darcy dong (even though I do), but I'm saying that you should give a girl something.

The Matrix, Part Two - Proving that Hollywood can give you too much of a good thing.

Pirates of the Carribbean, Part Two & Part Three - See above.

The 80's - Because when you think back on all that music, this shoulda been a decade of greatness. Instead it was a decade of acid-wash jean jackets, waterfall bangs, and men with rat-tails. Shudder.

Strip Clubs with male dancers. Hot, almost naked, oiled up men? Too bad they keep looking at each other rather than the girls.

The movie 300. See above comment.

And that's my list for the moment. What about you? What sorts of things did you think could have been totally awesome, and just came out kinda lame instead?

Impress me with your wit* before Sunday night at midnight, and I'll send you a copy of Mark Henry's HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED, Anton Strout's DEAD TO ME, or I'll pre-order** you Stacia Kane's PERSONAL DEMONS or my BFF Ilona Andrews's MAGIC BURNS. You get to pick TWO (that's right!). I'm pimping out my fellow League-ers. You know you wanna read our shit, right?

*I should note at this point that any book bashed gets automatically disqualified. Sorry. Feel free to hate on TV, movies, clothing, Puff Daddy, whatever. Just not my fellow writers. ;)

** US Residents only. Sorry, I'm cheap.


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