March Book Club, Part One: Dead to Me by Senor Strout

Oi! League Peeps! Remember when we talked about doing the book club for both Dead to Me and Happy Hour of the Damned? Not gonna happen. I'm going to be out of town or busy with signings for the rest of this week and much of next week so Stacia is going to take the reigns on a week of fun festivities for one of our own. The oh-so pale, terrifically punny, Anton Strout.

He'll be here next week--moreso than usual--chatting with readers about all things Dead to Me. Got a crush on Simon? Let him know. Need Anton to come over and battle an unruly bookcase? It can't hurt to ask.


In other League news...

We're coming up on two big releases for two of the League ladies, Ilona and Stacia. Get out there and pre-order Magic Burns and Personal Demons, or better yet, buy them up in the first week, or even better yet, do both.

Speaking of Ilona: The couple that writes together forums together and you can get into it with Ilona and Gordon over at Romantic Times. They're breaking Kate Daniel's world down for you and it doesn't seem any question is off limits (I could be wrong).

Stacia is planning on throwing me a book club event the following week. Until then, you can swing by the Barnes and Noble Paranormal Book Club and harrass me. I'm off to Norwescon, wish me luck at my first fan convention, I'll be dropping by occasionally.

Particularly on the 29th, when I'll post my interview with Rogue author, Rachel Vincent. You'll want to pop by for that bit of comedic torture.


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