In the League Lounge: Rachel Vincent!

As it's becoming a rarity to have a weekend interview around these parts, I like to keep up the tradition of cocktails by the Tiki bar. So, I wandered into the League Lounge to set up and to my surprise, found Rachel Vincent already nursing a sinister concoction she mixed for herself. She calls it a Jaguar and I for one am a little frightened of what could be in it.

Mark: Hi Rachel! (I grab the drink and swirl it) should I be concerned?

Rachel: Well, a jaguar does have quite a bite. Try it.

Mark: Well, if you insist. (I take a long slug) Damn, girl! That shit burns going down. I better get to some questions quick before I end up dancing on the bar. So your new book Rogue follows your werecat heroine, Faythe, on some new prrrrrfectly exciting adventures, yes?

Rachel: Naturally. Faythe's playing with the big boys now, and she only knows one way to play...

Mark: Tell us all about it. Everything. Don't leave out a single detail. I hate to wait. (I slurp the murky Jaguar through a bendy straw)

Rachel: This time, Faythe is up to her canines in dead tomcats and missing human women. And as usual, her personal life is refusing to stay personal. Add to that a persistent ex-boyfriend, a insistent current boyfriend, and problems cropping up from her past, and Faythe certainly has her paws full.

Mark: So why werecats? I mean, really. Were you a fan of CATS: the Musical? t.s. elliot? Did you ever push yourself away from the computer in a jellical fashion and scream, "MACAVITY!?!?!"

Rachel: Ha! Actually, I was a fan of CATS as a kid, and there's a character in book four nicknamed Macavity. But no one else seems to get it.

Mark: Do you have an opinion on lolcatz? Garfield minus Garfield? Certain Feral creatures?

Rachel: I love LOLcatz and have been known to speak their language at random inappropriate times. No one gets that either. As for Feral, do you mean Amanda Feral? I love Amanda. That girl doesn't make apologies, and you gotta respect her for that. That, and her healthy appetite.

Sorry, though, I don't know what you mean about Garfield...

Mark: (handing Rachel my empty glass) Can I get another one?

Rachel: Sure, but only if you're out of cat references. One more, and I may garnish this with a hairball, rather than an olive.

Mark: Got it. Promise. Many League readers are aspiring writers and are thus fascinated by first sale stories. You've probably told yours a thousand times, huh? Care to make it a thousand and one?

Rachel: (handing over fresh Jaguar) Sure. My agent gets most of the credit for my first sale. She drummed up some interest, and we had ourselves a little auction. It was very exciting, but equally overwhelming. Oh, and the first offer came in on Friday the 13th. Seriously. An offer for a book about black cats. On Friday the 13th. Weird, huh?

Mark: I guess (slurp). Watcha been readin' lately?

Rachel: Actually, I'm reading Happy Hour of the Damned. It's the most awesomely gruesome book I've ever read. I'm impressed. And suddenly not very hungry.

Mark: Thank you, I try. You're going to be at Romantic Times in April, right? So am I. Should I be afraid? Do you like the con circuit?

Rachel: Oh yes, be afraid! I may look small, but I'm scrappy. Kidding of course. And yes, I love cons. I go to three or four a year, including a couple of local ones. But the big ones are my best chance to catch up with friends and meet readers.

Mark: I know I promised not to bug you about it anymore, but, seriously, Aristocats or The Aristocrats?

Rachel: Aristocats. Definitely. I'm probably dating myself here, but Thomas O'Malley is the original alley cat. No question.

Mark: Man this Jaguar is kicking my ass. We should probably wrap this up before I lose bladder control. What's in this thing anyway?

Rachel: What's not in it? I really have no idea. I just started pouring from different bottles. Bailey's goes well with tomato juice, right?

Mark: Well thanks for comin' anyway. (Passes out)

Why not visit Rachel at her website and pick up Rogue and Stray in bookstores now.


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