Hi all--

My first panel at D*Con will be an interview with the wonderful Ms. Charlaine Harris. Any burning questions you'd like me to ask her???

Submit in comments and I'll post answers here on Saturday.....


Jaye Wells said…
Jeanne, this is so cool. I have a question, actually.

Now that her world and characters have been brought to life on TV, does she find herself picturing the actors and settings from the show when she's writing new books in the series?
RKCharron said…
Hi :)
I know you will have a terrific time at DragonCon!
I love Charlaine's Grave series as well as her Sookie series.
If I had one question to ask her, I would ask how the demands of fame & fortune have impacted her writing.
All the best,
Jeanne Stein said…
Got it, RK-- thanks. Jeanne
Anton Strout said…
Give Charlaine my love.. she's a super fan of mine!
Vickie said…
Wish I could wrap my cranium around a question that she hasn't heard one million times. I adore her books. Enjoy your time, Jeanne.
Kiyote said…
i was there - it was a great fun and a packed house. i would say Team Eric was out in force.
Jeanne Stein said…
And I haven't forgotten-- I will post her answers at the league in the next couple of days-- after I find them in the morass that is my suitcase. At least mine made it home-- sorry, Nicole--


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