My Current Obsession

So I like music a lot. I'm not very musical, nor am I particularly hip, but I try my best to be aware of what's going on in "The Scene." And by, "The Scene," I mean that I google what I hear on Sirius on my way to work. Which isn't really being part of any "Scene," at all, but I live in northern Louisiana, so give me a freaking break.

Anyway, I just discovered this band who literally makes me SWOON. This is not a Thing I Like, This is a THING I FUCKING WORSHIP. This band makes my heart go pitter patter. I haven't felt this way since my brother first played me the Dropkick Murphys. It's like love at first site, only it's not a made up narcissistic emotional theory.

It is love at first listen.

And here they are: THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM

You may have heard that song, it's awesome, and it's all over AltNation. I love that song. But this song? I'm swooning just thinking about typing about how it makes me swoon:

Makes me purr! I'm purring right now! PURRING.

And they're going to be IN NYC while I'm there in October for my launch! Problem is, I'll be with my good friend who had the audacity to GET KNOCKED UP when we could be crowdsurfing! And I'm not sure if she wants to haul the bump to see a Jersey punk/rockabillly band. Especially when I saw some action shots of their show, like this:

Yeah, something tells me that's gonna be a NO from Mrs. Whisky. But DUDE I WANT TO BE RIGHT THERE, partly just so I can ask the guy with the wicked sleeve where he got his art done. That is an amazing tat.

So I'm still debating. Anyone want to go with me to the show? I promise not to throw anything (including myself) onstage.


JD said…
They are the roxor.

Too bad I live at the arse-end of the planet or I'd volunteer to go with you to the show.

Do you reckon your publisher would pony up the dollars to get me there? Nah, I didn't think so either. Dang.
Anonymous said…
Could you post the names of the songs? (damn work firewall blocks the vids--bastards!) Thanks!
Nicole Peeler said…
JD: If everyone in the world buys my book, then maybe I can get Orbit to start flying people around the world at my bidding. ;-) Keep that in mind come release day.

Saycheesepease: LOL That's super annoying! Sorry! The songs are "Old White Lincoln" and "Great Expectations," respectively. :-)
Anonymous said…
Thank you! I found them on doesn't block it. Yet anyway.

Thanks for sharing the new find. Listening to them now--is very addictive!

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