Today is the day, my lovelies! My (oh holy crap) seventh novel, Boneshaker hits the shelves and stores right this moment. And I, for one, am ecstatic.

If you'd like to know more about it first, please allow me to point you at this interview over at the Mad Hatter blog. It too went live today; and in this interview I talk a bit about the Clockwork Century universe, the players in it, the hats I like to wear, and at least two things that very few people know about me.

For a much more in-depth discussion of this book, this universe, and everything else -- visit The Clockwork Century and poke around all you like. There, you'll find maps, commentary on the philosophy of steampunk, novel summaries, and some enticing reviews.

So go on - get clicking! You might like what you find -- or maybe you know someone else who's a big fan of steampunk pulp adventures with air pirates, zombies, secret criminal societies, mad scientists, and Bonus! extended/deleted scenes from the Civil War. Seriously, check it out. (Please?)

And many, many thanks to everyone for reading :)


Jeremy F. Lewis said…
My copy should be waiting for me when I get home. :)

[Odd note: my verification word is rednero]
Kelly Moran said…
sooo excited for you. grats.
Hagelrat said…
I love this cover! It's on the list, and oh look at that, it's payday. :)
elnice said…
I am going to check this out. I had never even heard of steampunk until about 3 months ago, and now I am just super curious every time I see it.
JD said…
This is on a (rather long) list of Books I Must Buy.

Can't wait to get my paws on to it.
Anton Strout said…
Congrats, Cherie! I will read it while wearing goggles!
cherie_priest said…
Thank you guys so much!

And Anton, by all means YES. In fact, I wish it came with a little set of faux-3D goggles or something, because how cool would THAT be? Eh?
Jeremy F. Lewis said…
Started reading it last night. Very cool so far! I know the Steampunk standard is to set stuff in England and go all Victorian, but it's awesome to read one set in the U.S. :)

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