Update and Some Things I Like

Hey all! Everything is crazy here at Casa Peeler. I'm writing book 3 (I've got 80 pages!), teaching four classes at LSUS, and trying not to have a nervous breakdown.

There's lots of exciting stuff happening. Ms. Wells and I have a reading coming up here in the Porte du Shreve and we'll be sure to keep ya'll posted. Orbit will be unveiling my fancy schmancy new website soon, as well as the cover to the second book in the Jane True series, Tracking the Tempest. And this cover rocks, people. It rocks.

All this is happening because the book is coming out soon. Which makes me slightly nauseous. But I'm coping. In the meantime, you can read the very first review of Ms. True & Co., here.

I'd also like to take this moment to tell you about some more Things I Like.

As usual, first some music!

I absolutely, utterly adore this first band. They're insanely smart, hip, and outrageous. They're so postironic they've almost swung full circle back to ironic. Or maybe even gone all the way to sincere? Whatever they are, they rock my casbah.

And next up is another band that I think is genius. They took their name, at least I'm assuming, from Delillo's wonderful novel, White Noise. Yes, you should read it. And the band is The Airborne Toxic Event:

You may have heard their song Wishing Well, which I do love. But there's something about this song that gets under my skin. I'm a sucker for a driving bass and a stringed instrument or two, and this band gives mama everything she ever craved.

The next Thing I Like is marmalade. I know, marmalade is contentious. It's not quite as contentious as Marmite, but a lot of people don't like marmalade. I, however, love it. Especially this kind:
I like my marmalade as tart and citric as I can get it, so I enjoy lime or lemon. If you've never tried it, give it a go. Use lots of butter (always a safe strategy) and just a thin scraping of marmalade, all on some nice toasted bread. It's like heaven! Only it sticks to your thighs. Mmmmm. Thighs.

Finally, I don't think it's any secret, but I have me a big ole hankerin' for these:

I LOVE ME SOME SKULLS. I like them because I don't look like the kind of woman who wears skulls. If I'm honest, I look like the sort of woman who bakes. And I'm wearing pretty blue pearl earrings! But look closer! THEY'RE SKULLS!

I won't tell you where else I have skulls.

But there's a lot of them, littered about my person. They remind me to take life in stride, and to live for the moment, and to take pleasure in the things and the people that I love.

They're also wicked cute.

And I also love the word "wicked," but you probably know that by now.



Thom said…
Actually, Heaven sticks to your thighs as well. Jesus mentioned this in a parable once.

I like yiour tune choices :)
JD said…
Damn, girl. I want your drugs. Seriously. Take me to your dealer.
Nicole Peeler said…
Thanks, Thom! And I'll keep an eye out for that parable. ;-)

JD: LOL No drugs. Just coffee and a touch of insanity. ;-)

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