Dragon*Con Hijinks!

As Kelly pointed out, enough League of Reluctant Adults members (even some of the quieter ones) are hitting the ATL for some Real Housewives of Scifi/Fantasy Con action.  Here are the culprits...

Mark Henry (moi, bien sur).
Stacia Kane (putting up a whole murder of paranormal authors at her place, pray for her)
Jackie Kessler (bouncing around energetically)
Jeanne Steing (who's totally going to be doing a live interview of Charlaine Harris!!!)
Nicole Peeler (in danger of a hazing)
Kelly Meding (ditto)
Jeremy Lewis (snarling with his (presumably) fake fangs)
Richelle Mead (#2 NYT Bestseller, Richelle Mead, ahem)
Cherie Priest (rockin' an Arkham Asylum 'do)
Caitlin Kittredge (our resident pin-up girl)

Sadly, Jaye Wells had to bail because of a family sickness thingie.  We're bummed.  If you want to find out where we're all going to be, you should totally hit up...


The schedules are posted and the panels and events look amazing. I know I'll be peeking in on the zombie prom and pictures will be in League reader's future.  Oh yes...there will be evidence of the debauchery!!!


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