Know What's Awesome About Dragon*Con?

I'm fully ensconced in a post con stupor--exhausted, dreamy, but ultimately content. Made some career decisions this weekend, stuff I won't be talking about for a while, but I feel like I have some direction, got my projects lined up and ready to go.

But, lest I get all serious...let's get to the damn recap, shall we? Here it goes, in the form of a top ten list...

What's Awesome About Dragon*Con!

1. People Who Go Out of Their Way to Make You Comfortable

Had a great time with Stacia Kane and her husband Stephen, whose new business site went live today (Lootslinger) so go check it out. The couple graciously put up a murder of urban fantasy authors and others for the duration of Dragon*Con. Without them I certainly wouldn't have been able to go, hotels were both at a premium and priced like it was the Olympics or something.

Stace is the consummate hostess and on Sunday night threw a dinner party for the League of Reluctant Adults and friends. If she offers up her slow roasted pork you take it, but don't cut her potatoes, it's a trick! She made this amazing peanut butter cake that I proceeded to eat every morning warmed up and now weigh 5 pounds more than when I left. Thanks Stace and Stephen!

2. The Dark Fantasy Track Peeps

Derek and Carol and Mike and Synde (one of my traveling buddies, as well) did an amazing job retaining their sanity amidst crowds in the tens of thousands. Everything ran smooth as silk from my perspective and despite the panel room being stuck in the crooked bowel of the Hyatt, the attendance was great. Thanks Team Dark Fantasy!

3. The Ambiguously Gay Duo

On Saturday night, a big group of us took over a private room in the Hilton bar for dinner and overpriced drinks with names like Georgia Back Sweat and Stank Moss. Conversation was saucy enough, but when Ace and Gary of Ambiguously Gay Duo fame swang by for a chat, things got dirty.

Urban Fantasy authors climbed over the table for photo ops. It was like someone yelled fire, no shit. Richelle Mead got the best shot, nipple tweaker that she is (if you're not familiar with her famous fascination with men's nipples, just ask her...or not, I could have made that up).

In fact, all the costumes were amazing. Lots of steampunk, Star wars and such but my favorites were the redneck fandom, who walked around in dirty feet and jean cut-offs, the Scully who looked exactly like Gillian Anderson and Sho Nuff, from that 80s wonder The Last Dragon. He was the "prettiest."

4. The Manchu Mule

Undeniable The Drink of Dragoncon was the Manchu Mule. Stephen and I put it together on Thursday night and by Friday it was all we were drinking. Depending on your tolerance, it's about a 1 part Grey Goose vodka to 2 parts Green Tea Ginger Ale and all parts delicious.

5. Meeting Celebrity Types (or Vice Versa)...Yeah Definitely Vice Versa

Got to meet and hang out with Charlaine Harris at Stace's party, where she was promptly enlisted by our hostess into busting my balls! That's right, fun was had at my expense. Don't worry none. I'm a big boy, I can take it. *sneers* Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame and Christopher Golden were there as well but were surrounded so didn't get to chat with them much. Nice guys though. Tagged along and played photographer for Richelle on her quest to nab a picture with pretend celebrity boyfriend Joe Flanigan from Stargate SG-1 (or something, I don't watch so...he was safe from fanboyishness, but not snide hairdo comments), I tried to frame it so I could also get a shot of Charisma Carpenter but alas, too grainy. That patch of blonde behind Richelle is Julie Benz of Darla and Dexter fame. Also, for Jeanne, here's a shot of her very own pretend celeb boyfriend, James Marsters...


I thought I'd get to ten things but not so much. If you want to check out more pics head on over to my flickr stream and see 'em.

All in all, great time, but tiring the con is so massive and there are so many people clogging the halls I began to feel a bit claustrophobic. And as long as I'm talking about sensations, I wasn't too fond of the blasting humidity coming from the urinal vents, giving my balls a dewy coating just prior to my reading, which turned out awesome! I made the audience smoke cigarettes and touch themselves inappropriately with zombie finger puppets while I read. be fair, they probably would have done it anyway.

Got to hang with tons of friends, old and new and basically wore my tired sack of bones down to a wrinkly nub.


What else is new?

Not a whole lot, still working on the screenplay and some other writing stuff. I did see the cover of Battle of the Network Zombies, but it turns out it was the preliminary version and has been sent back for some changes so, I'm going to hold off on sharing for awhile.

Tonight at 4:30 Pacific time, 7:30 Eastern. Heather Osborn and I will be snarktweeting the last two episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras for your amusement. So sign up for twitter to take advantage of that foul mayhem and follow both of us!

@heatherosborn and @mark_henry

See you tonight!


Anonymous said…
Ambiguous Gay Duo? Wow. Everyone really was there. But me. Darn it. I so want to me an actual emprisoned Dragon, too. Where there any Dragon ex-cons there?

Hey, if I had actually GONE to Dragon Con them the jokes would be better. Gimme a break. LOL

- Anon (to protect the less than innocent)
Anonymous said…
Eeks, typo demon has infested my keyboard.
Rosalee said…
What a lovely shot of Richelle and her 'fly boy' bf, 'Sheppard'
Just love the Flan.........
RKCharron said…
Hi :)
Thanks for the great blog post.
I loved the pictures.
It looks like a great time was had!
All the best,
Demon Hunter said…
Of all the pictures I could not stop looking at, the Ambiguously Gay Duo had it. LOL. I still went back and took a peek. Too funny...

LMAO---my word verification was shurgag. LOL.
-Kelly Meding said…
DH - I think the Ambiguously Gay Duo sighting was a laugh-riot for most of the Leaguers in attendance that night. And some of us send our thanks that the blackmail photos have remained...ahem...under wraps.

Demon Hunter said…
LOL. There are pictures,eh? Hmmm. Yeah, hopefully those will turn up. :-D
Froggy said…
Looks like it was a fun time!! I can't believe someone doesn't know who Joe Flannigan is! I love stargate Atlantis! :)

Great pics! TFS! :)


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