Hey peeps! So today the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance comes out in the U.S. (It was already released in the UK under the name LOVE BITES) And guess what? Four Reluctant Adults have stories in this bad boy.

Caitlin's story "Perdition" features Doc Holliday as a vampire hunter.

Jeanne's story "Ghost of Leadville" is about Doc Holliday's encounter with a vampire in Colorado.

Stacia's story "Trust Me" is about Jack the Ripper ... and sex.

And my story "Vampsploitation" features Sabina Kane's first job as an assassin and lots of late '70s porn references.

Want to win a copy? Check out my blog to find out how.


Michele Hauf said…
Hey, ladies! The Bite Club is reading MBOVR2 as its first selection! All October our minions will read it and then we discuss on Oct 30th. Check us out at:

Jaye Wells said…
Hi Michelle, it's so cool you chose the antho as your first selection. Can't wait to hear what people think.
Demon Hunter said…
Well done, ladies!! And congratulations! :-D
Amberkatze said…
Another anthology! I didn't get around to finishing the last one yet!

Can't wait to get hold of another Sabine story though!

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