Halloween Havoc Kick-Off



I honestly don't know where the year's gone. It's getting dark sooner, it's getting cold at night (it's that much closer to my and Nicole's release dates!). The leaves are starting to turn. Yes, folks, it's autumn.

Which means Halloween Havoc! All month, we'll be bringing you an assortment of guest blogs, interviews, personal experiences, maybe a beheading or two, and possibly a contest. It's that time of year, so put on your favorite costume and stay tuned here at the League!

I'll kick things off with this vid clip. It's the teaser trailer for my most anticipated film of October.


Nicole Peeler said…
Let the chaos ensue! Woo hoo!
elnice said…
OMG, these movie scare the $%#% out of me. I can't even watch them anymore. What scares me is that someone actually thought of the storyline.
I keep looking for the chick who won Scream Queens, and I don't see her anywhere.
JD said…
October. Halloween. Autumn for you. Spring for me!

The warmer days, shorter nights, plants in bloom, Spring fruits, hayfever, and unstable weather patterns.

I love October.

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