Interiors by SATAN!!!

One of my favorite parts of Halloween, in addition to the glut of horror movies, the rainy days and chilly nights, and the All Hallow's Eve baby sacrifices, is decorating the house up like Lon Chaney's breakfast nook.  I start where any sensible, morbidly-inclined zombie writer would, the mantle.

This year, it looks like this...

It's been a work in progress. Last year we added the zombies attacking the townsfolk (b-movie victims playset).

This year all we added was the Halloween movie theme sensor-activated skull lights to the black tulle swag. Drives the dogs insane, all accept Chaz who relishes it, evilly. Unlike baths, which he detests. Here, share in his misery...

Some places just need a little festive flourish because they're already disturbing, like this French Absinthe ad gets a fresh update with a massive jack-o-lantern on a stand...


What are your favorite Halloween decorations. Do you have pictures? Links? Show us or just tell us.  We'll get the gist.

And while you're hanging out. Here's a fitting seasonal music video from The Horrors!


Qwill said…
Too awesome!! I'll take some pictures when I'm finished decorating. And perhaps I'll blog about them. I mostly decorated outside though.
alanajoli said…
Your decorations look great! I hope I can do *something* this year.
RKCharron said…
Hi Mark :)
Thanks for sharing.
I loved the pictures. Those zombie victim figures are priceless!
For me, I like to put up the artwork for Halloween my children have made over the years.
All the best,
Demon Hunter said…
I love the mantle, Mark. Too cool. Where did you find the figures?

There's a store that opens just for Halloween here. They have some awesome stuff, but I haven't made it over there yet. :-D
Mark said…
I got the zombie playset as a gift and purchased the B-movie victims at Archie McPhee's in Seattle (though they're online, as well.
Sally said…
Last year I made a "Christmas" stocking for my mantle... except it's a tentacle. So I call it my Cthulhumas stocking, and the Elder Gods leave me insanity in it. It's a mossy green velvet with a dirty-looking shaggy dog fur around the top, with a bell hanging off the tip that is rather mottled-looking. I made a small graveyard stocking hanger with some polymer clay bones and a skull, all next to a small foam tombstone I got on clearance. Of course, this isn't a Christmas decoration so much as I just keep it on the entertainment center all year long. I really love it.
Vickie said…
OH! Totally diggin' the decorations! I need to add peeps to the Halloween village up on the landing. So far a vamp bar, bowling alley with skulls for bowling balls and ghosts for pins. Added some trick-or-treaters and a skull topped fence this year.
Today Lady K and I did the cobwebs and spiders to go on the front porch with the headless farmer and the drunk skeleton. We need more tombstones and more spiders.
All of the 'soft' indoor decorations keep becoming 'babies' for Lady K, so keep moving around the house.
Jen A said…
Wowie! great Halloweeeevil diggs! Love it!

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