Tricky Treats

Let's be clear from the beginning: I am a fan of candy. In fact, judging from the tightness of my pants, I'm probably too big a fan. However, I've been thinking about the subject of candy a lot lately since everywhere I go someone's selling huge bags on the stuff in preparation for Halloween. Because when it's Halloween, forget about the ghosts and goblins. We all know it's really all about candy.

Today, I ate an entire large box of Junior Mints when I played hooky to go see a movie (shhh, don't tell my editor). These are a long-time favorite of mine. Chocolate and mint wins me every time. I'm also a fan of anything with chocolate and peanut butter--Reese's in both cup and piece form especially. And barring access to real chocolate, i've also been known to covet Tootsie Rolls.

When Halloween rolled around, these candies mentioned above always got hoarded, along with gum and Bit-O-Honeys. But everything else? Meh.

Every now and then I'll indulge in Jolly Ranchers or Skittles, but for the most part if there's no chocolate I'll pass. Is it me or is most candy these days just plain gimmicky?. Call me a candy snob, but I want to eat candy for the taste, not because some wisenheimer decided to make something gross out of sugar. Sugar goo doesn't sound appetizing in the least. Of course, I'm also a mom, so my dislike may stem from the ritual begging that happens at every check out counter Spawn and I pass.

But recently, I found a gimmick candy I can stand behind. Not because I've tasted it. Never that. But because it's just clever and gross enough to make me respect it.

Yes, my friends, it's blood candy. Not just any blood candy, but cherry-flavored blood candy. Because when I think about the taste of blood, synthetic cherry is always what comes to mind. I love that they included both a fake blood type and a medical-grade spout. Genius!

Now that said, since I've purchased this candy, I've had to hide it in my office. Call me crazy, but the idea of Spawn hopped up on a pint of fake candy blood scares the living shit out of me. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the goodness that is Blood Type X candy blood.

Leave your favorite Halloween candy in comments and you could win yourself one of these bad boys.


Chris said…
Wow.... that is some seriously awesome candy. I think my favorite Halloween candy would have to be the small rolls of Necco Assorted Wafers. For some reason I love those things to death.
Anonymous said…
That is so cool! My favorite candy is anything chocolate!
Carmen R said…
Ok I have to say that the blood candy is just the coolest damn candy I have ever heard of. I wonder if there is a way to reuse the bag and put alcoholic beverage in it. There are too many candies I like to just pick one a a favorite. Maybe peanut m&m's but also I like mint and chocolate so even though I haven't seen any in the Halloween rows at the store I would say thin mints.Yum!
Jaye Wells said…
Chris, you can keep the Necco's. They're like fruit flavored chalk.

Angelwolfstorm, yay chocolate!

Carmen, I like the way you think. The perfect receptacle for shots.
Gloria Oliver said…
Okay, that candy blood looks way cool!

My faves are candy corn and the candy pumpkins. With moderation, otherwise OD on sugar. :P
Sewicked said…
One of my fave non-chocolate candies is that old favorite: candy corn. But my first love is chocolate, preferably dark. Ever had dark-chocolate covered Altoids? Yummy, mouthburning minty chocolate goodness.

And that candy blood is perfect for certain RPG's that I play (the horror one for example, based on HP Lovecraft).
Jaye Wells said…
Gloria Oliver, how could I forget the candy pumpkins? I prefer them over the candy corn because I like to bite the little green nipples first. Let's face it they look like boobs. I prefer not analyze why I think this too much.

Sewicked, when I found the candy blood I was psyched because they're the perfect swag for a vamp writer.
Anonymous said…
Awesome! Have to find some! LOL

My favorite--probably anything 'fun size'--M&M's, Twix, & Kit Kat are my top 3. Probably cause I can eat 8 & lie to myself that I've just ate 1 regular size LOL (It's my lie, leave me to it hehehe)

kiaras said…
WOW, that is seriously weird. And awesome.

I read somewhere that there's also a "vampire energy drink" that also comes in a blood bag.

My favorite Halloween candy is... well, pretty much anything that comes free. (Darn that "too old to trick-or-treat rule!) But I love the simple, old-school Brach's caramels.
Ruth Schaller said…
I saw those in the store, but really what caught my eye - ok, I love gummy candy. There was some gummy candy shaped like a severed foot! I couldn't resist I had to buy me one!

Enjoy your tricks and treats!

ruthiesbookreviews AT yahoo DOT com
Patti said…
When we get home from trick-or-treat, my kids empty out their bags and pull out all the Smarties - and give them to me!!! I don't know why, but they're my favorite.
Zita said…
I'm with you about the chocolate. I like the Reece's cups and pieces, but I also like Crunchies and Cripsy Crunch. Of course, the eye ball gum balls are great, too :-)
Cyd said…
I love the gummy googly eyeballs there just big enough to stick in your mouth and surprise your newly acquired 3rd eye.
Jaye Wells said…
Saycheesepease, fun sizes are the best. Except you can never eat just one.

Kiaras, Brach's caramels are serious old school goodness.

Ruth, gummy foot, huh? Did you actually eat it?

Patti, my mom is addicted to Smarties too.
Jaye Wells said…
Zita, I feel deprived that I've never had eyeball gum. Must find them immediately.

Cyd, I just threw up in my mouth a little.
elnice said…
LOL, I haven't seen this one yet. The severed fingers always yuck me out.

ME, I like the classics. 3 musketeers, twix, snickers. Mmmm. Love those fun size.
Anonymous said…
Let's see...M&Ms. Butterfingers. Hershey Kisses (especially filled with carmel).

I guess those three are my trifecta of sugary evil.

-Tom Gallier
BreiaB said…
My favorite candy is almost any type of chocolate( I especially love Dove chocolate)
Moonsanity said…
Can you just imagine that all over a kid's face? Ewwww... I'm with you on the candy. I like peanut butter kisses, any candy with chocolate. Reeses peanut butter cups are a huge favorite at our house. I'm okay with my kids liking the gimicky candy because then I talk them into giving ME the good stuff! *snicker*
Suzan Harden said…
Damn, I'm so jealous, Jaye! I want a bag of cherry blood!

I guess I'll stick with my Reese's cups and Snickers. The neighborhood kids hit my house first because they KNOW I stock the good stuff.
Sally said…
Picking a favorite candy is on par with picking a favorite child. But I would have to say I would be pretty excited with a Tootsie Roll Pop right about now. There may be one in the other room. :)

I always preferred the mini candy bars like Snickers, though when I was little, I had a special fondness for those Neapolitan caramel coconut things.. with the caramel, and then the pink, white, and brown coconut nougat all layered up (Brach's, I'm sure). I like coconut, but mostly I just like pink.

The greatest/grossest candy I ever had was a pink gummy rat, and the thing was four to six inches long, not including the tail! It was bubble gum flavored. Got it at the dime store. It wasn't a dime. :)
Paula said…
Candy blood? That's new. lol

I love chocolate. As long it's decent chocolate, I don't care if it comes in with nuts, waffle, caramel, plain or whatever. In fact, I'm eating a piece of mint-flavored chocolate right now. Yum.
Debi Murray said…
I love the chocolate! Paired with anything...even bacon! Dark Chocolate is my depression cure.

My husband is the Smarties freak in our house.

If you mix candy corn and dry-roasted peanuts together...tastes just like a PayDay candy bar.
Falcata Times said…
Errrm mine is one I make. Basically you buy some royal icing. You then roll it into individual eyeball sized pieces, stick a bit of liquorice in the middle and then paint it with food colouring. (yep the iris colour and perhaps some veins if your feeling inventive.

It looks really cool when you bring them out and lots of kids look at you a bit funny but the giggle you get as an adult is worth it. LOL
unseelieme said…
I want that blood!! (baring fake fangs I pull out to scare trick or treaters..)

My favorite sugar candy has to be pixie sticks. Sugary yumminess AND they turn your tongue colors.
As for chocolate, I have to go with the bite size Snickers.
In general for daily chocolate dose - dark hershey chocolate bar with almonds. And, hey, the new dark chocolate peanut butter cup - WOW.

Now, a confession, I sort thru my son's candy when he gets home from his candy begging, take out all the stuff that won't get eaten, and give it out to the late trick or treaters. (I have around 150 kids each year.) That way I get to keep the good candy I bought!! LOL
Heather C said…
That is some cool candy!!!

During Halloween, I definitely crave the candy corn, kit kats, and reeses cups. PLus, try the strawberry milkshake whoppers...they rock!!!
JD said…
That blood candy is all kinds of awesome. I wouldn't ever actually erm... drink/eat/whatever it but it rocks for absolute coolness.

Since Halloween is only really becoming popular here by sheer bloody-mindedness and a greater exposure to American culture, I have no favourite Halloween candy. But give me anything with orange (fruit pieces, flavouring, you name it) and dark chocolate and I will love you forever.
Becca said…
In Australia we don't celebrate Halloween very much. You'll see the occasional group of kids trudging up and down a street with nearly empty bags 'cause no one knew that they were supposed to have candy. But I would have to say I'm a sucker (Geddit???) for Herscheys chocolate. It can be difficult to find down here but if I see it, I buy it. Soooo good. Spesh the dark... excuse me while i drool a bit more...

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