Sorry, what month is it again?

I keep having to remind myself what month it really is, because when you say "Halloween," all I hear is, "month for launching Tempest Rising."

So I will, eventually, talk about this "Halloween" of which you speak, but first some updates:

I write this from NYC, where we just held the launch party for Tempest Rising. It was sponsored by Balvenie and Sailor Jerry, and it could not have been more fabulous. There will be a blog post forthcoming at my site, complete with pictures, very soon.

We've also released the cover for Tracking the Tempest. You can find out more at Orbit's website and at mine.

The Italian rights for Tempest Rising have sold, and hopefully we'll get some more exciting international news from the Frankfurt Book Fair.

There's also a first chapter, as well as a slew of new reviews out for Jane True and Co., which you can see here.

That's me, in a nutshell. Actually, I'm rarely in a nutshell, but I am often layered underneath piles of freshman composition papers. This is almost like being trapped in a nutshell.

And now to Halloween. Obviously, I love this holiday. Who doesn't? This holiday, however, I'm doing something slightly different and Officially Running Away to an Undisclosed Location. Seriously. It's the weekend of the official launch so I'm dealing with all that stress in a very mature manner: by fleeing for a weekend of relative debauchery. That's all I'm saying on the matter.

But I remember my less debauched Halloween youth very well: the dressing up, the candy, the crying when my much older brother STOLE MY GOOD TREATS.

My absolute favorite house to visit at Halloween was our neighbor's, the Buchner's. They owned a local bakery, and would give out their unbelievably delicious chocolate donuts, replete with black and orange sprinkles, to trick or treaters. I still love me a donut, and these were probably some of the best cake donuts that have ever existed on the planet, ever. I'll throw down for those donuts.

When I got home from trick or treating, that donut would always be the first thing I ate, with a glass of milk.

What was your favorite treat at Halloween?


elnice said…
I always liked when I got pennies.
Just kidding

seriously, snickers and 3 musketeers. I am doing a poll on my blog and so far Reese's cups are in the lead as the favorite fun size

Elie (Ellz Readz)
RKCharron said…
Hi Nicole :)
I'm glad you had a wonderful book launch party for Tempest Rising!
Thank you for the update post & the great links.
I love those "Rockets" candies for Halloween.
I *heard* that for the launch party they hit the author with a bottle of champagne in the form of a bubbly full goblet.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Qwill said…
Yay for the launch party!!

While I am not much for candy, I must admit to a fondness for Butterfingers and Almond Joys. I love Halloween though. *note to self - get out the decorations*
Vickie said…
KEWL on the launch partay!

Favorite treats....those itty-bitty Snickers or Butterfingers are the best ever! OH! Itty-bitty Mounds!!! Ahh! Those are so good!

We finished the outdoor decorations today. Put out the headless farmer, the drunk skeleton and the cobwebs with multitudes of spiders. Need more lights and tombstones.
Nicole Peeler said…
Elnice: Seriously, what's up with the pennies??? Does anyone do that anymore? Or are quarters this season's pennies? And my parents always gave out full sized reese's . . . they were a neighborhood fave. ;-)

RKCharron: LOL My friends would gladly whack me upside the head with a goblet of anything, so don't encourage them. ;-) Thanks for all the kind words!

Qwill: MMMMM Those are two of my favorite candy bars, along with Paydays. Mmmmm. Have fun decorating!

Vickie: I like to freeze my baby Snickers and eat them frozen. No idea why . .. but I do. ;-) Love the idea of a drunk skeleton! Reminds me of The Last Unicorn. :-)

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