Snow Day

Jeanne here. Ever wonder what it's like to be snowed in? Here are some pics to give you a taste. We had one snow already in September-- THIS one was a son of a bitch. Pictures on the left, a typical snow fall. Pics on the right, yesterday's.

Believe me, it reads better than it lives.

You can tell the "today" pics are taken from inside. Snow was too deep to venture out! Also note, the street has disappeared. No snow plows in our neighborhood!

Mario, bless his soul, is missing all the fun. He’s gone to LA for the weekend. To party with Hollywood types. I imagine he’ll come back with lots of stories. Hopefully, that’s ALL he’ll come back with. This is what he said: I’m going to attend a tribute to Hollywood director Jesus "Chuy" Trevino (NYPD Blue, ER, The Practice, Law and Order, Star Trek: Voyager, Babylon 5). Basically I'm there to schmooze and pay my respects to him (and get away from you). And THEN he asks me to post for him at the Biting Edge on Monday. I’ll post for him all right.


elnice said…
I used to live in the snowbelt, but we rarely had snow that early. I now live on the East Coast, too far south for snow. If we are lucky, we get enough to make a few snowballs (you have to clean the whole yard for 5-6 balls). I miss it.
Jeanne Stein said…

I miss being able to get out of the house. I miss having milk on my cereal (I ran out). I miss my husband going to work so I can enjoy peace and quiet....

Okay, enough whining.

Brooke Reviews said…
I think it's beautiful! :) I've never seen snow, so I can say things like that. We don't get much (none) in Florida. :P
Jeanne Stein said…
You know, Brooke, it is beautiful. And most of the time where I live the snow falls, everything is sparkly and clean and then the sun comes out and it all melts away.

this type of snow, though, that just keeps piling up is good for only one thing--skiing. And since I live in the flatlands, not much skiing going on here.

What we're all worried about, is that this heavy snow so early in the season might portend a wicked winter.

Taschima Cullen said…
Ive never seen snow :(

It looks beautiful =]
Moonsanity said…
Snow...not so soon! I've lived in Michigan all my life and I do love snow, but it always starts a little too soon, and lasts too long!

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