FIRSTLY: we're getting our asses organized. Like, starting now, with this post, we're officially more organized than we were five minutes ago! If all goes according to the League's Multifarious Plans, we're going to stick to a Calendar Thingie and POST REGULARLY! Last I heard, you'll get a different author posting something every day from the 1st to the 21st of each month. And then, on those remaining nine days of each month, either CRAZY SHIT or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will happen! There's nothing in between, see. I'm supposed to slap something up here on the 7th, so the next time you'll get a post from me is on March 7, unless I pop in and unleash some CRAZY SHIT during February's last chocolate-coated gasp of a week. Mark Henry's got the 8th of each month; Stacia Kane's got the 9th, and so on. We might start doing these posts with a theme, too. March might be SEX MONTH, for example, so you'd have 21 days of sex posts PLUS crazy shit at the end! Clearly, this needs to be your first visit every morning before you scan the news/browse porn/check email.

SECONDLY, welcome debut author Allison Pang to the League! Here is what we know about Allison so far:
1. She can put her legs all the way behind her head.
2. She wrote an awesome urban fantasy debut called A Brush of Darkness. It has a horny unicorn in it, so of course that means you must purchase it right now!
3. She likes thigh socks. Therefore, we like her.
Note: That is not Allison's couch. Hers is much more attractive. Say hi to Allison in the comments, solicit thigh sock pictures, go grab her book—it's a hoot!—and before too long she'll be posting here herself.

THIRDLY, Jaye Wells and I have decided that too few people drink out of flagons anymore. Used to be whenever you visited an inn, people were always drinking out of flagons. They were like, "Fuck pints, pints are for wussies. I want a FLAGON!" (Curiously, nobody "wenches" anymore, either, as in, "Conan, what are you doing?" "I'm wenching, you dog." The verb "to wench" seems to have fallen out of favor concurrently with drinking out of flagons. Coincidence?) My new personal quest—a Grail Quest—is to demand flagons at drinking establishments until they finally supply me with one. Will you join me?

FOURTHLY, I am just over two months away from my own urban fantasy debut, so I have flipped the switch in my brain marked "Shameless Pimpage." I'm currently running a little promo for pre-orders of Hounded placed on or before February 15. Pre-order my book (Here's a link to help you find a nice spot to do so) and shoot me an email with your snail mail address, and I'll send you a signed, personalized bookplate wheresoever ye may be. YES! International peeps, I will send one to you too! I've already sent three to Canada and I'd love to sling them elsewhere to make myself feel more cosmopolitan! I'll take your word you pre-ordered; just email me at and I'll either make something up or send you something specific, according to your wishes. Come visit me on my blog if you haven't before—it's a good time. :)


Elie said…
Really looking forward to hounded. Love the fact that they are coming out so close together.
Kevin Hearne said…
Thanks Elie! I'm starting to love it too, though it's been a long wait for me!
Kevin Hearne said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Welcome, Allison!

As a rule, if you're in The League, I will read your shit!! The best group of authors!!!

Congrats on your upcoming debut, Kevin!
Unknown said…

So happy to be here! :D
Jaye Wells said…
Allison's here! Allison's here! Someone call Stumpy, the League chupacabra, in for the ritualistic hazing ceremony. If you don't move, he'll be gentle-ish.

Kevin, I think we need to have official League flagons made. What say you?
Anonymous said…
PS to Allison: Lok'tar ogar!! :P
Unknown said…
@Jaye - Is there still time for me to get out of this chickenshit outfit? No one said *anything* about goatsuckers, gentle or otherwise.

@Spaz - For the Horde. ;-)

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