Forethought and Hindsight

Right now I am revisions a book that will come out next year (Silver-Tongued Devil) and promoting a book that I finished last year (Green-Eyed Demon). It's kind of like being a time traveler, only with less paradoxes and more stress diarrhea.

But if I were really able to travel back in time, I'd have a few things to say to myself before I started Green-Eyed Demon that wold have made today a lot less stressful.

1. When you go to New Orleans in a few months to research this book, be sure to take pictures. You'll kick yourself when it's time to promote this book and the eleventy blog posts you do on this trip won't feature one effing picture.

2. Speaking of that trip, do not go into the closet of your hotel room. It's totally haunted. Trust that shit.

3. You're going to worry about writing the chapter with the gimp and the midget. Relax. It'll end up being your favorite scene.

4. Have plenty of tissues ready when you write the last chapter. Trust me on this. Also? You'll never be able to listen to "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" again without tearing up. Way to go, ruiner.

5. You're going to be be tempted to order your weight in Mardi gras beads to promote this book. 20 dozen? Really?

6. When you tell Mr. Jaye of your plan to pass out said beads at book signings, he's going to become very interested in helping distribute these beads. Do not be fooled into thinking this is a selfless offer.

7. When you chose the title for the next book in this series, pay attention tot he initials. Do you really want your fans demanding you give them STD immediately after they finish their GED?

These are just a few lessons I'd teach my year-ago self. There are more, but you know what? She'd never listen anyway.

Also? GREEN-EYED DEMON is out pretty much everywhere this week. Go. Buy. Read.


Mario said…
I'll flash you for GED beads!
DianaRowland said…
Good lord, woman, I *throw away* that many beads after every parade. I'll start shipping them to you! LOL
Jaye Wells said…
Mario, I'll give you beads not to flash me.

Diana, these are special Giguhl and Krewe Vampire beads.
synde said…
Haunted closet..why don't I know about this? lol
damn you now Knockin on Heaven's Door is ruined for me having read said last chapter.
As for mardi gras beads..want
Carolyn Crane said…
Hey, this was a really fun post.

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